Financial Times Article on Serbia Innovation Fund

Financial Times, one of the world leading newspapers in the field of international business and economic news, published on 19 May this year, an article on about the Serbian Innovation Fund. Within the analysis of how to find new initiatives for financing innovative companies in Central and Eastern Europe, the Innovation Fund and the companies […]

Innovation Fund Visited by the World Bank Delegation, along with the High Representatives of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia

Belgrade, June 2nd, 2014 – The World Bank delegation led by Ms. Laura Tuck, the vice president of the World Bank for Europe and Central Asia, visited the Innovation Fund, along with the high representatives of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the European Union to the Republic of Serbia. During the visit, […]

Annual competition for the young innovators 2014

We inform that the International Telecommunications Union (ITU Telecom World in 2014) opened the competition for the annual competition Young Innovators in 2014. The deadline for registration is 30 May of 2014. More detailed information is available on the Internet at   Source: Download pdf

May 13, 2014 in Other news

Started the tenth competition for the best technological innovation

Competition NTI2014 was officially announced on Saturday, May 3 at the show ‘’Žikina šarenica’’, which is broadcast on National television. The coordinators of the competition, prof. Dragan Povrenović and prof. Dr. Vojin Senk are responding to the moderator’s questions Zika Milenkovic and explain what type of support to innovators provides competition, as well as the […]

May 13, 2014 in Other news / Serbia
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Importance of use of intellectual property rights in agriculture

The Faculty of Agronomy in Cacak on May 8, held a seminar on “Importance of the use of intellectual property rights in agriculture”, organized by the Regional Chamber of Commerce Kraljevo. The seminar was opened and is participants welcomes by Petrašin Jakovljevic the President Chamber of Kraljevo, emphasizing the importance of bringing together entrepreneurs in […]

Competition of innovative projects in Bulgaria

Within the project “NO- BLE Ideas’’ network of young innovators of sustainable ideas in the agro – food sector in Bulgaria has organized the final competition and international meeting for final selection of the best ideas. The participants were all partners in the project, of which 12 are from the region, 11 member states and […]

Apr 23, 2014 in Other news / Serbia
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The Innovation Fund Continues to Support Serbian Innovative Enterprises

The Innovation Fund announced today support for 12 innovative projects selected for financing by the Innovation Fund independent international Investment Committee. To date EUR 6M has been dedicated to support 41 Mini Grants and 12 Matching Grants projects in the calls for proposals implemented through the Serbia Innovation Project. EUR 8.4M Serbia Innovation Project is […]

COPRIX Media’s “Interactive Mathematics” Soon in All the Schools in Serbia

Company COPRIX Media that developed an application InterActive Mathematics under the Innovation Fund Mini Grants Program, signed Memorandum of understanding with, Textbooks Office/Zavod za udzbenike, Public Company in the field of publishing textbooks. InterActive Mathematics is an ultimate mathematics learning system that combines game-like application with real-world physics simulation and touch-sensitive devices to make the […]

Euroheat’s Market Conquest Continues

Company Euroheat that developed plate and shell heat exchangers during the project funded by the Innovation Fund’s Mini Grants Program, continues to conquer the market. Euroheat introduced a range of new products to domestic as well as foreign markets. Following initial sales agreements with a number of companies – the Italian company Nuova Imas, Meggle […]

“Smarting” the Best Technological Innovation in the year 2013th

The winner of the best technological innovation in Serbia in 2013th is team “Brainiacs” with their innovation “Smarting”. Project “Smarting” is one of the projects financed under the Innovation Fund MINI GRANTS Program. Primary focus of the project is on building a fully mobile smartphone-steered system to assist in home-based neuro-feedback training and neuro-rehabilitation treatment […]

Canada-Italy Innovation Award 2013. The Winners

The Canada-Italy Innovation Award, whose aim is to strengthen the ties between the two countries in the fields of Science, Technology and Innovation, has had a marked success in its first year, both due to the significant number of applications received and to their high quality. The winners of the first edition of the Canada-Italy Innovation Award 2013 are: Andrea Castelletti from Politecnico of Milan for a project […]

Serbian Science Festival and alternative heroes

The Serbian colleagues from the Center for Robotics, in cooperation with the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Leona Dodig, independent artist, prepared an interactive setting called “Alternative heroes” for participation in this year’s Science Festival. The main exhibit at our stand was a Mobile Robotic Solar Generator, a trademark of modern superheroes, an innovative device […]

The Serbian Company “Design” revolutionizes the fruit preparation

Company Desing in the best way shows how constant investment in development of innovative products can be an initiator of a small family company growth, now known as one of the leaders in fruit preparation industry in this part of Europe. Within the new project, the company is establishing pilot aseptic plant for fruit processing, […]

Dec 5, 2013 in Other news / Serbia
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ICE (the Italian Trade Promotion Agency) is working more closely than ever with companies

The Company Assistance Department of ICE, the Italian Trade Promotion Agency, conducts questionnaires, direct interviews, focus groups and surveys to assess the satisfaction of companies. This service, available as of this month, aims to provide assistance meeting the needs of the continually evolving world of Italian businesses. Its hallmarks are ccustomization efficiency and pragmatism, which […]

Dec 4, 2013 in Italy / Other news
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Archive of scientific journals availabe soon

JUP Research and Development in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, the National Library of Serbia and the Development Bank of the Council of Europe in the period from August to October this year, conducted by the International negotiated procedure ‘archive of scientific journals and books’. Upon fulfillment of all conditions, […]

Company “Duochem” – innovation versus mosquitoes

Within Nova Pazova’s industrial zone, one can easily find the production plant of Belgrade-based company “Duochem”. For over a decade, this enterprise has been successfully engaged in production of modern and efficient biocides – rodenticides and insecticides. Duochem’s ongoing project named “Ecologically Friendly Biocide” – now approaching a mature development phase – was granted support […]

Advance of services of regional development agencies in the function of innovativeness of the SMEs

In the framework of the project of the Program of integrated support to innovations the users of which are the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Science and Technological Development and the National Agency for the Regional Development, a three day training has been held under a title – “The Improvement of the Services of […]

Guidelines for the Promotion of Innovation in Companies

Integrated Innovation Support Programme (IISP) is, based on information provided by the project team, presented the companies that participated in the IISP training to promote innovation, create five guidelines for improving the innovation enterprise. Guides are designed for small and medium enterprises, which have not completed IISP training as a guide through the process of […]

mBrainTrain Is Developing Stroke Rehab System

“Smarting – EEG walks you home” Project includes the development of SMARTING system, consisting of hardware – amplifier of brain signals – and software for their recording and processing on a computer, Android smartphone or tablet. The primary use of this system is in the field of rehabilitation of stroke patients through the so-called serious […]

Oct 26, 2013 in Other news / Serbia
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Innovation Fund Continues to Support its Awardees through Enterprise Training

Eighteen Mini and Matching Grants Awardees participated at the training organized by the Innovation Fund Oct. 7-10, 2013, in Belgrade. The training, designed to introduce companies to the subjects of business development, intellectual property protection and management, and venture capital, is an integral part of the Innovation Fund’s Mini and Matching Grants Programs. The Innovation […]

KreativTeh participated in “Startup Battle of the Cities” event in Germany

KreativTeh was the only company from Serbia to participate on this year’s prestigious competition “Startup Battle of the Cities”, on October 11-12 in Vallendar, Germany. The company’s representative Marijana Ljubenovic presented KreatiTeh’s projects and business environment for the development of innovative start-up companies in Belgrade in front of an audience made of entrepreneurs, investors and […]

Vladeta Marjanović, Chairman of the Innovation Fund’s Investment Committee: We are good at engineering, but bad at selling ideas

In about a decade, some of the family businesses in Serbia will grow into large enterprises which will make the country proud. However, in most innovative projects, the go to market and sales plan looks as if the Berlin Wall hasn’t fallen yet: we first plan on selling in Serbia, then the former Yugoslavia and […]

Available the Global Innovation Index 2013

The GII – Global Innovation Index – is used as a benchmarking tool for business executives and policy makers looking for insight into the state of innovation around the world. Switzerland is rated top of the list for innovation according to the index’s 82 parameters that include access to education, patents issued and scientific publications. The […]

Innovation Fund Approved over EUR 4.7 Million in Financing through the Innovation Serbia Project

June28, 2013, Belgrade –The Innovation Fund’s Investment Committee awarded today EUR 2.1 million for Mini and Matching grants to 18 Serbian enterprises selected froma total of 125 applications submitted in response to the third call for proposalsthat ended on April 15, 2013. The Innovation Fund is implementing both programs within the Innovation Serbia Project, which […]

Making in Italy – Making in the USA: Craftsmanship, Technology and Design. Innovating with Beauty

To build a bridge between the excellences of the Made in Italy brand – with its extraordinary ability to create beauty – and the technology of Silicon Valley. This is the heart of the project, “Making in Italy – Making in the USA: Craftsmanship, Technology and Design. Innovating with Beauty“, which will be held from June […]

Hungarian innovation policy implements comprehensive reform measures

Minister of State for Economic Strategy Zoltán Cséfalvay emphasized at the press conference held in Budapest prior to the seminar on the innovation strategies of Hungary and Sweden that Hungary has recently carried out several profound changes with regard to its innovation policy. The event were organised within the framework of the Swedish-Hungarian Innovation Days […]

WBC-INCO.NET organized a series of meetings on 4-6 June 2013 in Budva, Montenegro

WBC-INCO.NET held the Executive Steering Board and the General Assembly of the project on 4 and 5 June, in Budva, Montenegro. The Executive Steering Board focused on the sustainability of the project results and cooperation with other initiatives, the General Assembly included an overview on current and upcoming activities as well as on new activities […]

Italian Prime Minister Letta: Trento Capital Of Italian Innovation

Prime Minister Enrico Letta inaugurated Saturday, June 1st TechPeaks, the people accelerator “Made in Trentino” which will create 100 start-ups over the span of four years. Addressing 72 young talents in the program, Letta said, “we in government are also start-uppers in the end, we have your same enthusiasm and determination.” For the President of […]

Begin trainings in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in the frame of the competition for the best technological innovation

After the first round of peer review, which lasted two weeks, 90 reviewers rated the 118 applications that were complete. Reviewers have judged that the 94 innovations deserve to continue the competition. The first group of participants who qualified for the 2nd round of the competition will have first training series 28.05.2013 aimed at training […]

Integrated Innovations Support Program Serbia

In the framework of the Integrated Innovations Support Program Project, whose beneficiary is the Ministry of Finance and Economy, the training in the duration of three days was held at May 31, 2013 for the network of representatives of local info-centers for innovations and support to SMEs. On the third day of the training, held […]

National system of innovation in Slovenia

A comprehensive study on national system of innovation in Slovenia including macroeconomic performance and framework conditions for innovation, Slovenia’s R&D and innovation performance, SWOT analysis of the Slovenian national system of innovation and other topics. Editor and main author: dr. Maja Bučar.   Download pdf

Presentation of the Innovation Serbia Project 2012 Annual Report

Belgrade, May 13, 2013 – Innovation Fund presented today the results of the Innovation Serbia Project and showcased Mini and Matching Grants awardees that received financing in 2012 at the 57th International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements, which is organized and sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. Mini and Matching […]

Greek Innovation Expo Athens, 16-19/5/2013

GREEK INNOVATION EXPO 2013 The Greek Innovation Expo 2013 will identify, present and provide a showcase of the Greek innovation. Operators, researchers and companies will be gathered to be updated, to exhibit, to communicate, to create and collaborate all together. The exhibition focuses on four main areas: Researh, Design, Technology and Innovation. Greek Innovation Expo […]

The deadline for the application for Competition NTI2013 moved

Organizational team of Competition, after consultation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Development decided that the deadline for applications to the NTI in 2013 moved to Friday, 26.04.2013. From this year, the NTI introduces the monitoring of implementation of innovation success of last year’s participants and it will be especially rewarded, regardless of […]

Apr 24, 2013 in Other news / Serbia

Serbia in the group of moderate innovators in Europe

Serbia is in the group of moderate innovators with a below average performance of the EU, but has achieved significantly higher growth in innovation than the average of 27 members, it was agreed in the European Commission’s “Innovation Scoreboard 2013″. Certain potential of Serbia lies in the funding and support innovation, while the weakness of […]

Mar 29, 2013 in Other news / Serbia
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Italy’s innovation capacity on showcase in the Silicon Valley

To introduce the world to Italy’s innovation capacity, its information technology sector, and its green energy department: this is the objective of Italian Innovation Day while attending Italy 2.0 – Italy Tech Week in the Silicon Valley. Sponsored by the Consulate General and the Institute of Culture, the week brings together the Mind the Bridge […]

The invitation to participate in the competition of the European Patent Office for the best innovations

Within the  celebration of the 40th anniversary of the signing of the European Patent Convention (EPC), European Patent Office (EPO) is organizing a competition for the best innovation. The aim of the competition is to provide to students, members of the European Patent Organisation opportunity to search a very large international patent documentation and suggest […]

Ferrari receives UK govt innovation in engineering award

The UK government has honored luxury Italian carmaker Ferrari with its Innovation in Engineering Award in recognition of the company’s excellence in its sector. The event, the sixth such edition, was organized by the British government and held at the Milan Stock Exchange on 25th of Jenuary. The award was presented to Ferrari’s chief engineer, […]

Maths for innovation: partnership Altran Italia – MoxOff

Altran Italia has signed a partnership with  MoxOff, spin-off by Politecnico di Milano. Another important collaboration for Altran, that exploits the value of networking and collaboration with other excellences, to meet the challenges of the market on the increasingly pervasive topic of integration between mathematical modelling  and reality. The numerical simulation supports and increasingly often […]

Innovation bill approved. Startups will be able to raise capital through crowdfunding

The Italian Parliament has approved the Digital Agenda package, a set of laws that aim to support innovation and digitalization of Italy. A large component of the bill is dedicated to startups and venture capital. Startups will be registred at specific public registries (mantained by the local chambers of commerce) and will be able to […]

Ministry of Science will award Annual prizes for scientific achievements for 2012. (Montenegro)

The prize was established in 2011 and is assigned in 5 categories, which are aimed to motivate young scientists, women in science and scientists in all categories in order to raise the scientific community in Montenegro. Prizes for 2012 are as follows: The most successful young researcher (talent by the age of 20 years) – […]

Official Launch of Western Balkan Enterprise Development and Innovation Facility (WB EDIF)

The Innovation Fund on behalf of the Republic of Serbia coordinated the preparation of WB EDIF in cooperation with international partners, which was adopted at the meeting of the Western Balkans Investment Framework Steering Committee, held in Luxembourg on December 7, 2011. One of the major international partners on this Project is the European Investment […]

Itsworld Sicilia to Receive €2M in Equity Funding from Principia SGR

Itsworld Sicilia, an Italian company that focuses on commercializing HPA (Hymera Power Amplifier) technology, is to receive €2m in equity funding from Principia SGR. Principia acquired a 28% stake in the company via Principia II. A subsidiary of Milan, Italy-based Energy Finance S.p.A., Itsworld focuses on promoting and commercializing the HPA technology, which is designed to allow the various components […]

The CCIS participates in the project “Network of young innovators for sustainable ideas in agricultural and food industry”

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS) participates in the project “Network of young innovators for sustainable ideas in agricultural and food industry”, which is being financed by the European Union with the total budget in the amount of near 2.5 million euro, while the total value of the project for the CCIS […]

ICIP’s Closing Conference

In the future the focus should be on raising the competitiveness of SMEs – this is the main message from the closing conference of ICIP. The project was funded by the EU with 3 million Euros. It lasted 30 months during which was developed and implemented the Standardized set of services for SMEs, the Certification […]

Blomming helps people buy and sell stuff on the social Web, raises $1.65m in funding

Naples, Italy-based social e-commerce startup Blomming has announced that it recently secured 1.3 million euros ($1.65 million) in early-stage funding to spur growth. The investment comes from Vertis Venture, the venture capital arm of Vertis SGR, at a time when Blomming is growing relatively fast, and, more importantly, expanding internationally. The startup says more than 10,000 shops have been created […]

Nov 16, 2012 in Other news
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EU: Innovation performance of 190 European regions compared

Growth is increasingly related to the capacity of regional economies to change and innovate. Regions and cities have become the primary spatial units where knowledge is transferred, innovation systems are built and competition to attract investments and talents takes place. Regions are an appropriate level for stimulating innovation: Many regional governments have important competences and budgets […]

Promotion of the collection “Innovation and Entrepreneurship: tools for success in the EU market” (Serbia)

Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration will present on Friday, 26 October at the Book Fair thematic research collection “Innovation and Entrepreneurship: tools for success in the EU market”, which is a result of FEFA annual conference organized on the occasion of Europe Day in May this year. Discussion on encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, with […]

The extended session of the Board of technological innovation and the Round table with topic “Innovation-untapped resource in the Republic of Serbia”

The extended session of the Board of technological innovation of Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Committee on science, quality, education and management of the Regional Chamber of Kraljevo, in which they discussed many issues of innovation activity was held in the Regional Chamber of Commerce Kraljevo. The session was attended by the President of […]

The italian company Funambol raises $5.75M

Funambol, a Foster City, CA- and Pavia, Italy-based developer of white-label personal cloud technology for mobile providers, has raised $5.75m in funding. Backers include Nexit Ventures and Castile Ventures. The company intends to use the funding, and an addditional working capital line, for major customer adoption (at multiple tier-1 mobile operators and other large service providers in North America, […]

Risparmio Super, a Italy-based online startup, raises €467K in Second Funding Round

Risparmio Super, a Catania, Italy-based online startup that allows users to compare grocery store prices in real time, has raised an additional €467k in the first tranche of its second round of funding. Risparmio Super, which already raised €550k in the last quarter of 2011 (read here) is now in the process of raising a €533k second tranche. […]

Oct 12, 2012 in Other news
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Margherita Inventions Raises €350K in Funding

Margherita Inventions Srl, a Pavia, Italy-based developer of a medical device that prevents accidental stick injury, has raised €350k in funding. Backers include a group of business angels of Italian Angels for Growth (IAG) led by Antonio Leone. Founded by Carlo Giuberchio, CEO, the company provides a syringe accessory that prevents accidental stick injury. Supported by University of Pavia, […]

Water Innovation Awards 2012 finalists and winners

The finalists and winners in the Water Innovation Awards 2012 were announced on 9 October at a special gala dinner in Barcelona. The ceremony also included the presentation of the inaugural EFBW Award, which seeks to identify creativity and best practice in ‘Communicating the benefits of bottled water for healthy hydration’ by EFBW National Association […]

Oct 10, 2012 in Other news
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Innovations: an Italian-German partnership

On this day, in Berlin, the Italian-German R&D Workshop/Italy Day: Innovative Solution for European Industries initiative takes place at the Italian Embassy in Berlin. The aim to find financial and technical partners in the field of innovation technology. Organized by ICE, the Agency for Promotion and Internationalization of Italian firms Abroad, in collaboration with the […]

Oct 9, 2012 in Other news
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Policy Discussion in Preparation for the Launching of the Western Balkan Enterprise Development and Innovation Facility – WB EDIF

The Innovation Fund in cooperation with the European Integration Office hosted a round table dedicated to identification of priority policy reforms focused on improving the conditions for the development of innovative and high growth SMEs and stimulating the emergence of a venture capital markets. WB EDIF is a joint initiative, of the European Commission (EC), […]

The Italy-based community for fashion lovers and designers NextStyler raises €500K in seed funding

NextStyler, a Naples, Italy-based community for fashion lovers and designers, has raised €500k in seed funding. The company, which is in the process to raise its Series A round, is using the funds to launch the service. Led by Maurizio Palumbo and Mary Palomba, NextStyler is a worldwide showcase for emerging fashion designer to show their […]

3rd “i-bank Innovation & Technology” Competition in Greece

National Bank of Greece and its i-bank electronic banking services are organizing the 3rd “i-bank Innovation & Technology” Competition. i-bank electronic banking services, a productive platform for innovative ideas in NBG, is running a new competition to elicit and reward original ideas based on new technologies and to promote innovation in Greece. The competition aims at […]

“Greece Innovates”x2: the 2nd Applied Research & Innovation Competition

A competition becomes an institution when it is warmly received and accepted by the country’s scientific, research and financial communities:  SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises and Eurobank organize the second Pan-Hellenic competition, “Greece Innovates!” in 2012. This way they continue the groundbreaking initiative they launched two years ago in order to promote research, innovation, knowledge […]

Oct 2, 2012 in Other news
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USA, Clini to present Italian ‘green economy’ firms

The Italian ‘Green Economy’ is disembarking in the USA. Environmental Minister Corrado Clini will be in Washington Monday, October 1st to participate in the workshop organized by the Italian Embassy as part of the 2012 edition of the Global CleanTech 100. The event is being promoted by Clini’s department with the Italian Ambassador to the […]

Minister Obradovic urged China to invest in science in Serbia

Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development Zarko Obradovic has called the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology to consider investing in mutually beneficial projects in Serbia, especially in scientific and technological parks, which now establish in Serbia. Obradovic in Beijing to participate in a meeting on cooperation between China and the countries of Central […]

IUS 2011: Monitoring the innovation performance of the 27 EU Member States

The Innovation Union Scoreboard 2011 is the second edition of the Scoreboard following the adoption of the Innovation Union Communication in October 2010. It provides a comparative assessment of the research and innovation performance of the EU27 Member States and the relative strengths and weaknesses of their research and innovation systems. In this way, it […]