WBC-INCO.NET organized a series of meetings on 4-6 June 2013 in Budva, Montenegro

WBC-INCO.NET held the Executive Steering Board and the General Assembly of the project on 4 and 5 June, in Budva, Montenegro. The Executive Steering Board focused on the sustainability of the project results and cooperation with other initiatives, the General Assembly included an overview on current and upcoming activities as well as on new activities […]

Business clusters to increase the competitiveness of Montenegrin economy

Introduction of business clusters and their successful functioning is an important tool in creating conditions to increase the competitiveness of economy, especially in less developed parts of the country. Development of clusters requires an increase in the educational level and innovations, while at the same time it contributes to the increase of employment rates and […]

Establishment of Science and Technology Park in Montenegro

Support for industrial innovation and research will be implemented through the establishment of first S&T Park in Montenegro. As one of the very important strategic project of the Ministry, future Science and Technology Park in Montenegro will contribute in strengthening the institutional R&D framework by better cooperation of scientific research community with industry. The STP […]

Preparations for IPA Human Resources Development in Montenegro

The Government of Montenegro and The European Commission adopted (in March and October 2012, respectively) the Operational Programme 2012-13 for Human Resources Development (planning document for IPA IV component). Parallel to the process of development of the Programme, Montenegrin Government has worked on the establishment of Decentralised Management and Implementation System (DIS) for IPA funds, […]

Competitiveness of montenegrin economy

Montenegro has made significant progress in increasing the competitiveness of its economy. In order for Montenegro to become more competitive, it is necessary to improve conditions for enterprises operations, but companies also need to expand their businesses beyond country borders. This was stated in the study ‚ÄúCompetitiveness of Montenegrin Economy‚ÄĚ, which was carried out by […]