2014 NTI (Serbia): Changed the deadline to June 20 2014

Due to the catastrophic floods that have befallen Serbia and the region, organizing team of Competition for the best technological innovation is in agreement with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Chamber of Commerce of Serbia and the Republic of Serbian Ministry of Technology, decided to extend the deadline for applications to the […]

Financial Times Article on Serbia Innovation Fund

Financial Times, one of the world leading newspapers in the field of international business and economic news, published on 19 May this year, an article on about the Serbian Innovation Fund. Within the analysis of how to find new initiatives for financing innovative companies in Central and Eastern Europe, the Innovation Fund and the companies […]

Innovation Fund Visited by the World Bank Delegation, along with the High Representatives of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia

Belgrade, June 2nd, 2014 – The World Bank delegation led by Ms. Laura Tuck, the vice president of the World Bank for Europe and Central Asia, visited the Innovation Fund, along with the high representatives of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the European Union to the Republic of Serbia. During the visit, […]

Started the tenth competition for the best technological innovation

Competition NTI2014 was officially announced on Saturday, May 3 at the show ‘’Žikina šarenica’’, which is broadcast on National television. The coordinators of the competition, prof. Dragan Povrenović and prof. Dr. Vojin Senk are responding to the moderator’s questions Zika Milenkovic and explain what type of support to innovators provides competition, as well as the […]

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International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements in Belgrade between May 12th and May 16th

Under the slogan “Step into the Future”, over 100 technological novelties and innovations will be presented at the 58th International Fair of Technology and Technical Achievements that will be held in Belgrade between May 12th and May 16th. Current achievements in almost all industries deemed strategic for the economy and technology will be presented at […]

Importance of use of intellectual property rights in agriculture

The Faculty of Agronomy in Cacak on May 8, held a seminar on “Importance of the use of intellectual property rights in agriculture”, organized by the Regional Chamber of Commerce Kraljevo. The seminar was opened and is participants welcomes by Petrašin Jakovljevic the President Chamber of Kraljevo, emphasizing the importance of bringing together entrepreneurs in […]

Competition of innovative projects in Bulgaria

Within the project “NO- BLE Ideas’’ network of young innovators of sustainable ideas in the agro – food sector in Bulgaria has organized the final competition and international meeting for final selection of the best ideas. The participants were all partners in the project, of which 12 are from the region, 11 member states and […]

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CEDEF Conference: Advanced technology and finance in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, Belgrade (Serbia), Media Center, Terazije 3, April 16, 2014

Central European Development Forum CEDEF organize a conference advanced technology and finance in the field EE and RES. Conference will be held under the institutional auspices of the Ministry of Energy, Development and the Environment. The aim of the conference is to present: The potential of Serbia in the field of EE and RES and […]

The Innovation Fund Continues to Support Serbian Innovative Enterprises

The Innovation Fund announced today support for 12 innovative projects selected for financing by the Innovation Fund independent international Investment Committee. To date EUR 6M has been dedicated to support 41 Mini Grants and 12 Matching Grants projects in the calls for proposals implemented through the Serbia Innovation Project. EUR 8.4M Serbia Innovation Project is […]

COPRIX Media’s “Interactive Mathematics” Soon in All the Schools in Serbia

Company COPRIX Media that developed an application InterActive Mathematics under the Innovation Fund Mini Grants Program, signed Memorandum of understanding with, Textbooks Office/Zavod za udzbenike, Public Company in the field of publishing textbooks. InterActive Mathematics is an ultimate mathematics learning system that combines game-like application with real-world physics simulation and touch-sensitive devices to make the […]

Euroheat’s Market Conquest Continues

Company Euroheat that developed plate and shell heat exchangers during the project funded by the Innovation Fund’s Mini Grants Program, continues to conquer the market. Euroheat introduced a range of new products to domestic as well as foreign markets. Following initial sales agreements with a number of companies – the Italian company Nuova Imas, Meggle […]

“Smarting” the Best Technological Innovation in the year 2013th

The winner of the best technological innovation in Serbia in 2013th is team “Brainiacs” with their innovation “Smarting”. Project “Smarting” is one of the projects financed under the Innovation Fund MINI GRANTS Program. Primary focus of the project is on building a fully mobile smartphone-steered system to assist in home-based neuro-feedback training and neuro-rehabilitation treatment […]

Serbian Science Festival and alternative heroes

The Serbian colleagues from the Center for Robotics, in cooperation with the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Leona Dodig, independent artist, prepared an interactive setting called “Alternative heroes” for participation in this year’s Science Festival. The main exhibit at our stand was a Mobile Robotic Solar Generator, a trademark of modern superheroes, an innovative device […]

The Serbian Company “Design” revolutionizes the fruit preparation

Company Desing in the best way shows how constant investment in development of innovative products can be an initiator of a small family company growth, now known as one of the leaders in fruit preparation industry in this part of Europe. Within the new project, the company is establishing pilot aseptic plant for fruit processing, […]

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Archive of scientific journals availabe soon

JUP Research and Development in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, the National Library of Serbia and the Development Bank of the Council of Europe in the period from August to October this year, conducted by the International negotiated procedure ‘archive of scientific journals and books’. Upon fulfillment of all conditions, […]

Advance of services of regional development agencies in the function of innovativeness of the SMEs

In the framework of the project of the Program of integrated support to innovations the users of which are the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Science and Technological Development and the National Agency for the Regional Development, a three day training has been held under a title – “The Improvement of the Services of […]

Guidelines for the Promotion of Innovation in Companies

Integrated Innovation Support Programme (IISP) is, based on information provided by the project team, presented the companies that participated in the IISP training to promote innovation, create five guidelines for improving the innovation enterprise. Guides are designed for small and medium enterprises, which have not completed IISP training as a guide through the process of […]

mBrainTrain Is Developing Stroke Rehab System

“Smarting – EEG walks you home” Project includes the development of SMARTING system, consisting of hardware – amplifier of brain signals – and software for their recording and processing on a computer, Android smartphone or tablet. The primary use of this system is in the field of rehabilitation of stroke patients through the so-called serious […]

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Innovation Fund Continues to Support its Awardees through Enterprise Training

Eighteen Mini and Matching Grants Awardees participated at the training organized by the Innovation Fund Oct. 7-10, 2013, in Belgrade. The training, designed to introduce companies to the subjects of business development, intellectual property protection and management, and venture capital, is an integral part of the Innovation Fund’s Mini and Matching Grants Programs. The Innovation […]

KreativTeh participated in “Startup Battle of the Cities” event in Germany

KreativTeh was the only company from Serbia to participate on this year’s prestigious competition “Startup Battle of the Cities”, on October 11-12 in Vallendar, Germany. The company’s representative Marijana Ljubenovic presented KreatiTeh’s projects and business environment for the development of innovative start-up companies in Belgrade in front of an audience made of entrepreneurs, investors and […]

Vladeta Marjanović, Chairman of the Innovation Fund’s Investment Committee: We are good at engineering, but bad at selling ideas

In about a decade, some of the family businesses in Serbia will grow into large enterprises which will make the country proud. However, in most innovative projects, the go to market and sales plan looks as if the Berlin Wall hasn’t fallen yet: we first plan on selling in Serbia, then the former Yugoslavia and […]

Innovation Fund Approved over EUR 4.7 Million in Financing through the Innovation Serbia Project

June28, 2013, Belgrade –The Innovation Fund’s Investment Committee awarded today EUR 2.1 million for Mini and Matching grants to 18 Serbian enterprises selected froma total of 125 applications submitted in response to the third call for proposalsthat ended on April 15, 2013. The Innovation Fund is implementing both programs within the Innovation Serbia Project, which […]

Training to promote innovation companies – Subotica (Serbia), 18 – 20 June 2013

EU Integrated Innovation Support Programme (IISP) organized the third training workshop in the second round of training for improving innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises in Subotica, 18 – 20 June 2013. The aim of the workshop is to provide technical and consulting support to encourage and implement innovative activities in SMEs. Program training workshop […]

Training “Business model of innovative businesses – hypothesis”, Belgrade (Serbia), 10 – 11 June 2013

The second training, aimed for teams from Serbia, titled “Business model of innovative businesses – hypothesis”, will be held 10 and 11 June 2013. All teams who placed in the second round were sent an email notification regarding the location and exact time of the training. If any of the teams has not yet received […]

Begin trainings in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in the frame of the competition for the best technological innovation

After the first round of peer review, which lasted two weeks, 90 reviewers rated the 118 applications that were complete. Reviewers have judged that the 94 innovations deserve to continue the competition. The first group of participants who qualified for the 2nd round of the competition will have first training series 28.05.2013 aimed at training […]

Integrated Innovations Support Program Serbia

In the framework of the Integrated Innovations Support Program Project, whose beneficiary is the Ministry of Finance and Economy, the training in the duration of three days was held at May 31, 2013 for the network of representatives of local info-centers for innovations and support to SMEs. On the third day of the training, held […]

Info Day: Promotion of Call for proposals for Eco-innovation in Belgrade (Serbia), 28 May 2013

The Enterprise Europe Network Serbia, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and Economy organize Info Day of eco-innovation on Tuesday, 28th May in Belgrade. Program for competitiveness and innovation (Competitiveness and Innovation Programme – CIP) opened at 14 May 2013 the sixth public call for financing eco-innovation projects. Projects that may be funded under […]

Workshop “Promote innovation in SMEs ” Belgrade (Serbia), 21 – 23 May 2013

The second training workshop to promote innovation in SMEs in Belgrade Integrated Innovation Support Programme (IISP) is organizing another training workshop to promote innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises in the 21 – 23 May 2013th. In the training will be provided free technical consultancy support for representatives of small and medium enterprises to increase […]

Presentation of the Innovation Serbia Project 2012 Annual Report

Belgrade, May 13, 2013 – Innovation Fund presented today the results of the Innovation Serbia Project and showcased Mini and Matching Grants awardees that received financing in 2012 at the 57th International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements, which is organized and sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. Mini and Matching […]

The public call for coaching and training of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the programme of the improvement of innovation

The Integrated Innovation Support Programme (IISP), financed by European Union and implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and Economy, the National Agency for Regional Development and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, announces THE PUBLIC CALL for coaching and training of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in THE PROGRAMME OF THE IMPROVEMENT […]

The program for supporting innovative high-growth companies

Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Finance and Economy invites SMEs, entrepreneurs and cooperatives to apply for grants under the program of supporting innovative high-growth companies. Total funds available for the program amounts to 40 million, and the right to co-finance up to 50 percent eligible costs of the action. amount of the approved grant may […]

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The deadline for the application for Competition NTI2013 moved

Organizational team of Competition, after consultation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Development decided that the deadline for applications to the NTI in 2013 moved to Friday, 26.04.2013. From this year, the NTI introduces the monitoring of implementation of innovation success of last year’s participants and it will be especially rewarded, regardless of […]

Apr 24, 2013 in Other news / Serbia

Best Technology Innovation 2013 Presentation at Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina – Vojvodina (Serbia), 10 April 2013

On Wednesday, 10.04.2013. at 10 am in the great hall of the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina (Hajduk Veljko 11 in Novi Sad), will be held presentation of competition for the Best Technological Innovation in Serbia 2013. A competitive cycle, as well as all activities carried out at the same time with the aim of […]

Serbia in the group of moderate innovators in Europe

Serbia is in the group of moderate innovators with a below average performance of the EU, but has achieved significantly higher growth in innovation than the average of 27 members, it was agreed in the European Commission’s “Innovation Scoreboard 2013″. Certain potential of Serbia lies in the funding and support innovation, while the weakness of […]

Mar 29, 2013 in Other news / Serbia
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Technology and innovation management education in Serbia

Abstract: Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) education in Serbia. A questionnaire-based mail survey was used to collect necessary data. The survey targeted two populations – professors who teach TIM courses at state and private universities, and practitioners who are responsible for managing technology. The results indicate that the curriculum of TIM requires prioritization and changes, […]

Managing innovation – A factor of competitiveness in the global context

Abstract: In this paper, the authors highlight the importance of innovation for the global competitiveness index in the example of the European Union countries. Over the past period, the importance of innovation has been increasingly pronounced, which leads to a revolution in business and economy. Besides the success of knowledge-based economy, innovations also enable people, […]

Innovation Fund Approved EUR 1.95 Million Financing for Serbian Enterprises

Innovation Fund has announced today the results of Mini and Matching Grants calls for proposals implemented through the Innovation Serbia Project. The Innovation Fund’s Investment Committee awarded EUR 670,000 for Mini Grants projects and EUR 1.28 million for Matching Grants projects to 14 Serbian enterprises selected among 146 applications submitted in the call for proposals […]

Culturing Cells in a New Unique Bioreactor

At the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy (FTM), University of Belgrade, a novel biomimetic bioreactor has been developed that is utilized for culturing cells, enabling operation in continuous regime and testing of biomaterials. Using creativity and engineering principles, the research group led by the Professor Bojana Obradović has successfully designed, constructed and tested the bioreactor […]

ACS Revolution Leading to the Reliable Energy Supply

A group of young electrical engineers from Serbia developed PCT210 platform for relay protection – a device with the unique design that controls processes of electricity transmission and distribution. The originality of the PCT210 system lies in a fact that it is a single device performing many functions, unlike solutions from top global competitor companies whose […]

The Innovative Shipbuilding

PhD Endre Romhanji, professor at the Department of Metallurgy at Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy University of Belgrade has together with his associates created an innovative thermo-mechanical process for producing high-strength alloys, based on aluminum and magnesium alloys. The work of professor Romhanji and his team shows great creativity and progress in the field of […]

An Anthropomimetic Robot

A group of researchers at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade is developing a world unique anthropomimetic robot. ETF Robotics research group, consisting of PhD, MSc or BSc students at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade and supervised by prof. Veljko Potkonjak,  is doing a great science in the field of robot dynamics, […]

Gaining Heme Iron Product from Waste Blood

Researches from Institute for Medical Research (IMI) and Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade (TMF) are developing new technological process that would translate blood waste into heme iron product for prevention of anaemia in piglets. The story started when researches from the IMI and the TMF developed the original process for haemoglobin isolation […]

Sensor for Measuring the Moisture Content is worth Gold

While new buildings are springing up at every step, inventive researchers from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad are developing a unique sensor that will increase the lifespan of these buildings. This sensor measures the concentration of water in the building materials, thus providing a number of advantages such as lowering maintenance costs, […]

High Speed Single Molecule DNA Sequencing using Nanopores

A group of researchers from the Institute of Physics in Belgrade is developing a novel method for the human DNA molecule decoding, which can greatly contribute to the advancement of modern medicine, i.e. personalized therapy. Professor Radomir Žikić with his team of young scientists, from the Institute of Physics in Belgrade (IPB), is giving a […]

Small, but Powerful Antimicrobial Particles

Remarkably efficient antimicrobial alginate micropaticles with integrated silver nanoparticles were developed at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade. These particles can be used as biocompatible scaffolds and/or efficient carriers with controlled release of silver nanoparticles for applications in biomedicine, pharmacy, catalysis, optics. Since the discovery of penicillin, antibiotics have belonged to a […]

Gluten-Free Buckwheat Healthy Foods

Researchers from the Institute for Food Technology in Novi Sad (FINS) have developed a novel functional food product – gluten-free crackers made of buckwheat flour. Functional foods are processed food products that provide both nutritional and health benefits.  Despite increased consumer interest very few functional bakery products are on the market. Buckwheat flour contains no […]

Preserving Biodiversity

The first laboratory for in vitro cryopreservation of fruit genetic resources in Serbia was founded in the Fruit Research Institute in Čačak. Researchers from Department of Fruit Physiology at the Fruit Research Institute in Čačak are working with two world-renowned centres engaged in development and implementation of protocols for plant germplasm cryopreservation: CRA – Fruit […]

Zinc Coating Enables Safer Transport of Goods

Researchers from Serbia with their colleagues from Slovenia have been developing a new type of transport container which will provide safer and more reliable transport. The Innovation Centre of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade, is participating in the Eureka project E! 5009 GALVAKONT – “The development of the production technology of hot-dip galvanised special […]

Nov 1, 2012 in Serbia
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A Unique Catalyst for the Production Of Invert Sugar Syrup

Researchers from the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade, have successfully eliminated the use of acids in the procedure of obtaining invert sugar syrup, by developing chemically modified immobilized invertase (called IHMI). IHMI is the first industry-usable catalyst of this type, avaliable in the global market. In the confectionery industry, white crystal sugar (saccharose) is […]

Serbian Scientists Have Been Studying a New Way for Production of Biomedical Nano-Gold Particles

The research team from the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Nis, headed by academician Miodrag Colic, in cooperation with European partners, has designed and developed a new method for the synthesis and biological evaluation of nanoparticles made ​​of recycled gold jewelry. Gold nanoparticles are increasingly used, both in various fields of modern science and technology (in tumor […]

Innovative Eco-Friendly Metal Processing Solution

A talented group of researchers from the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the University of Novi Sad has been developing a new metal processing technology which combines several modern techniques and meets the most stringent environmental requirements. Commonly used metals in the field of production engineering still include different types of steels (carbon and alloy […]

The Healing Power of Creams from the Serbian Spa

Researchers from the “Dr. Josif Pančić” Institute for Medicinal Plant Research have been awarded numerous times for the development of unique phytopreparations whose essential ingredients are mineral mud and water from the Vrujci Spa, Serbia.Rational phyto-therapeutics and contemporary phyto-cosmetics are based on scientific findings and on efficient and safe application of high-quality medicinal plant remedies. […]

Nov 1, 2012 in Serbia
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HORIZON 2010- The European Union’s Framework Program for Research and Innovation 2014-2012

As part of ‘sa €10.8 billion budget for research and innovation agreed for 2013, the European Commission has announced the final and largest ever package of calls for projects under the EU’s Seventh Framework Program for Research (FP7) worth €8.1 billion Euros. The funds are intended for innovation and finding solutions to modern societal challenges. […]

Nov 1, 2012 in Serbia
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A new approach to managing temperature processes

Researchers from the Belgrade Faculty of electrical engineering and Maribor Faculty for electrical engineering and computer sciences have joined their research experiences in order to create a new approach to managing temperature processes. NEURO-TEMP is an acronym for a project whose full name is “New approach to managing temperature processes based on “soft-computing””, which is […]

Oct 10, 2012 in Serbia
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Successful business with new ideas

Starting a business is not a simple task. Although the basis of every successful business is a good idea, before entering the business waters it is necessary to make a business plan and market analysis. Also, it is wise to learn all legal requirements and ensure the initial capital that will enable clear management in […]

Sep 25, 2012 in Serbia
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RTDI Evaluation Standards focusing SEE to be published soon

The RTDI evaluation standards have been developed within the project “Fostering Evaluation Competencies in Research, Technology and Innovation in the SEE Region (EVAL-INNO)” and will be soon public available in pdf version and in printed form and thus in 6 different languages: English, Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian, Montenegrin and Serbian. Professional evaluation standards are crucial to […]

Sep 8, 2012 in Serbia
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