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Bosnia and Herzegovina – R&D&I projects

According to the Law of Ministries and other bodies of administration of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina is on the state level responsible for coordination of activities, cooperation with ministries on entity level and for defining policy of cooperation on international level. According to the Framework Law on basics of science-research activities in BiH, Ministry of Civil Affairs has a strong role in coordination between responsible institutions in the field of science and is in charge for international cooperation. The main advisory body that supports MoCA in the strategic development of science is the Science Council of BiH.  Ministry of Civil Affairs is institution which represents country on a international events and which one signs inter-governmental agreements in the field of scientific-technological cooperation on behalf of State BiH. Entities have primary jurisdiction in all other questions in the field of science policy, policy of technological development and innovation policy.

In regard to the legislation regulating science-research activities, in Bosnia and Herzegovina there are: Framework Law on basics of science-research activities in BiH and Framework law on higher education in BiH.

In the Federation of BiH, Federal Ministry of Education and Science performs administrative and other professional activities which refer to the development and coordination of scientific-research  activities, protection of rights of intellectual property, development of scientific-research  institutions, ensuring support for to the basic and applied research work, development of human resources, and ensuring support for to the basic and experimental research work on innovations  and development of t new technologies. The Federal Ministry has jurisdiction for establishment of the Council for Science – FMON; which is consultative body in charge for implementation of policy of scientific-development and innovation system. In Federation of BiH, jurisdiction over science and technology is initial responsibility of Cantons. Cantonal ministries of education, science, culture and sport implement their policy through the departments for higher education and science and also form their councils for education.

In Republic of Srpska, Department for Science and Department for Technology of Ministry of Science and Technology of Republic of Srpska are completely in charge for defining and management of financing research and development, management of science policy, research-development and innovation system. The Ministry of Science and Technology does administrative and other  professional  activities which are  in domain of scientific-research  activities, strategy of technological development of Republic of Srpska, promotion of  basic, developing and applied  research, development of  domestic investment technologies, staffing at scientific-research field, innovations, development and technology fostering, informing  about  issues of economic and technological development; transfer and acquisition of material rights and technologies in production, planning, preparation of program and agreements about cooperation in accordance with Constitution of BiH, providing information through media  and other types of information sources about their work, and performs other tasks  in accordance with the Law and other regulations of Republic of Srpska and  BiH.

In the Brcko District, Department for Education of Brcko District BiH, in it’s organizational constitution, has no position which is in charge for the research-scientific activities. Taking in consideration that the Brcko District is a special local self-governing administrative unit positioned in the Constitution  of BiH, and has same jurisdictions in educational system  as an entities, this practically means  that formally and legally it is involved  in all processes and activities in the area of science and research in BiH.

Since the year 2007 the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH supports innovators with the grants through the program “Support to innovation and technical education in BiH“. Grants are given through a public call and in the year 2009 the amount of grants given was equal to 0,007 million €. The Republic of Srpska also grants funds for technological development which includes innovators, meetings and projects for development of new technologies and development of informational society. The overall budget for the year 2008 was equal to 0,65 million €.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Science also support innovation for the quite period of time through programs for support to innovators, inventors, and technical culture, and also through programs for introduction and development of new technologies. The support is being realized through public calls. In the year 2009 were allocated around 0,05 million € for these purposes. In Republic of Srpska, the overall budget for innovations and technology in the year 2008 was equal to 0,65 million €. Financial instruments used for support to innovation and technology are: grants which are given through  public call for innovators (0,04 million € or 6,3 % of overall budget), projects for development of new technologies (0,6 million € or 86,3 % of overall budget) and projects for development  of informational society (0,05 million € or 7,4 % of overall budget).

FIPA BIH- Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina has jurisdiction over promotion and encouragement of direct foreign investments in accordance with the law, decisions and regulations of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also in charge for creation of image of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a modern state, serious, competitive and safe partner for investments.

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina has mandated the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency to facilitate and support foreign direct investments. The Agency offers practical assistance in dealing with government institutions, by working directly with investors and, more structurally, by assisting the government in improving the legal framework for foreign investments. FIPA also assists investors with developing contacts with the public and private sector.

Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA) of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is a State Agency established with the mission to:

  • Attract and maximize the flow of foreign direct investment into Bosnia and Herzegovina and encourage existing foreign investors to further expand and develop their businesses in BiH.
  • Facilitate the interaction between public and private sectors and have an active role in policy advocacy in order to contribute to continually improving environment for business investment and economic development.
  • Promote a positive image of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a country that is attractive to foreign investors.


Aug 30, 2012 by Magda Paolillo AGINNOVAZIONE