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Hungary – R&D&I projects

The formation of a knowledge-based society and economy demands a high level of knowledge, which appears in new, marketable products and services. Science and innovation are essential factors in competitiveness and sustainable growth. At the same time, knowledge has become an important factor in quality of life.


Strategic goals

The general goal of the strategy is that in the mid-term Hungary shall become a country where knowledge and innovation are the driving engines of the economy and companies appear on the global market with competitive products and services.  The mid-term goals are as follows:

  • Expansion of companies’ research and development activities
  • Establishment of internationally recognized research & development, innovation centres and research universities
  • Enhancing of the regions’ research & development & innovation (R&D&I) capacity
  • Establishing a knowledge market which works on the principles of performance recognition and competition through the globalization of knowledge production and dissemination
  • Investment in large scientific facilities, primarily in the regional centres and the development poles, reducing regional differences (regional cohesion)
  • The dynamic increase in yearly R&D expenditure, above all as a result of growth in corporate expenditure


Strategic principles

Principles of realizing the strategic goals are the following:

  • Focusing of intellectual and financial resources, optimization of utilization
  • Increased economic and societal implementation of R&D results
  • Strengthening of regional innovation


Strategic priorities

The strategy designates tasks in the following priority areas:

  • A culture of acceptance and utilization of scientific research results.
  • Quality-, performance-, and utilization-driven efficient national innovation system.
  • Well-honoured creative and innovative workforce suitable for the demands of knowledge-based economy and society.
  • Economic and legal environment with incentives for creation and utilization of knowledge.
  • Domestic companies, products and services that are competitive on the global market.


Connection with other strategic documents

The current strategy was prepared in harmony with the objectives of the National Development-policy Concept (NDC), National Action Program (NAP) and the New Hungary Development Plan (NHDP). The situation-analysis can be found in the Appendix. The details of implementation (operative goals, tasks and schedules) are described in the STI action plan.


The complete document could be downloaded here:

Mid-Term STI in Hungary (2007-13)
Title: Mid-Term STI in Hungary (2007-13) (0 click)
Filename: Mid-Term-STI-in-Hungary-2007-13.pdf
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