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Hungarians are “Martians” or what about Hungarian inventors?

“The galaxy of scientific minds, that worked on the liberation of nuclear power, were  really visitors from Mars. They found it difficult to speak English without an alien accent,  which would give them away, and therefore they chose to pretend to be Hungarian,  whose inability to speak any language but Hungarian without a foreign accent is well  known. It would be hard to check the above statement, because Hungary is so far away” –  said Fritz Houtermans, who first recognized the nuclear origin of stellar power.

During WWII, many Eastern European scientists emigrated to the United States. Most  were from Budapest, and were instrumental in American scientific progress. Since they all spoke English with a strong accent, they were considered outsiders in American  society. “The Martians” was the name of a group of prominent scientists (mostly, but not exclusively physicists and mathematicians) who emigrated from Hungary to the United  States in the early half of the 20th century. They included, among others, Theodore von  Kármán, John von Neumann, Eugene Wigner, Edward Teller and Paul Erdős. They  received the name from a fellow Martian Leó Szilárd, who jokingly suggested that  Hungary was a front for aliens from Mars… And this is analogous to Enrico Fermi’s  answer to the question whether extraterrestrial beings exist: “Of course, they are already  here among us: they just call themselves Hungarians”…


Hungarian Inventors
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Aug 31, 2012 by Magda Paolillo AGINNOVAZIONE