These pages collect information, studies, research and everything related to innovation in the countries
of the South East Europe.


Montenegro – R&D&I projects

Ministry of Science of Montenegro as public administrative body implements R&D policy (through national and international programmes of public interest), negotiates and implements bilateral S&T cooperation agreements, concludes memorandums, protocols and programmes of collaboration with ministries and foreign organizations.

Formed as a separate Ministry responsible for science (from December 2010), Ministry implemented a demanding program of activities related to the implementation of both national and international R&D programmes.

National instruments for supporting innovations:

  • Call for co-financing national scientific reserach projects:
    Implemented through public Calls and it is open to licensed scientific research institutions.
    This call implies:
    – Co-financing national scientific research projects in priority areas (energy, new materials product and services, agriculture and food, ICT, medicine and health, identity, sustainable development and tourism, science and education, competitiveness of national economy and transport)
    – Employment of PhD students/ young researchers at the scientific institutions through national projects in the period of time for three years
    – Equipment procurement through national projects
    Call published in 2011 for cycle 2012-2015 has overall budget up to 5 M €.
  • Supporting authors of patents and innovative solutions
  • Annual award for the most successful innovator
  • “Higher Education Research for Innovation and Competitiveness of Montenegro” – HERIC project  (in cooperation with Ministry of Education and Sports) is implementing through the credit of the World Bank 2012 – 2017.
    Through this project it will be funded establishment of the first Center of Excellence in Montenegro – connecting knowledge, research and innovation  (3.7 M €) and establishment of the programme for financing of larger collaborative research grants, directed towards strengthening of the exceptional research teams, internationalization and connection of research and industry (2 M €)
  • Science and Technology Park
    Stimulation of commercialization of research
    Support to technology oriented companies
    Connecting science and industry
    Engagement of new research capacities
  • EUREKA initiative promotes research and innovation through the support to small and medium-sized enterprises, large industry, universities and research institutes. Montenegro is official member from June 2012. based on a signed Memorandum of understanding.
  • European Information and Innovation Center in Montenegro (EIICM) – part of “Enterprise Europe Network”
    Finding new business partners
    Establishment of business cooperation
    Provide services in transfer of knowledge and technology
  • Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), Component IV  –  “Support to improvement of innovation capacities of higher education, research and industry” , in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Sports.
    Development of skills for innovation of students, professors and researchers
    Transfer of knowledge and development of skills for innovation enterprises


Instruments for stimulation of scientific research activities (Programmes of public interest)

  • Annual Call to support:
    • Participation in FP7 programme
    • Participation in COST programme
    • Promotion of science and research in education and society of Montenegro
    • Cooperation with scientific diaspora
    • PhD studies
    • Master studies
    • Study visits based on the scientific training abroad
    • Participation in scientific congresses in the country and abroad
    • Organization of scientific congresses in Montenegro
    • Subscription fees for scientific and research databases
    • Publication of scientific works in reference journals
    • Stimulation of authors of patents and innovations
    • Publication of scientific journals
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