These pages collect information, studies, research and everything related to innovation in the countries
of the South East Europe.


Studies and articles

  • National system of innovation in Slovenia May 31, 2013 A comprehensive study on national system of innovation in Slovenia including macroeconomic performance and framework conditions for innovation, Slovenia’s R&D and innovation performance, SWOT analysis of the Slovenian national system of innovation and other topics. Editor and main author: dr. Maja Bučar.  
  • PODIM Conference – Maribor (Slovenia), May 15-16, 2013 May 7, 2013 PODIM – this year in its thirty-third year – is Slovenia’s largest and leading conference on entrepreneurship and innovation. Every year it offers two days of intensive courses where all key stakeholders in Slovenian technology enterprise come together. Through a series of round tables, lectures and workshops held at the conference, well-known Slovenian and foreign guests present ...
  • Communication Challenges in the High Technology sector September 10, 2012 High-tech companies face challenges in communication regarding high-technology products and services. Most texts about high technology are professionally technical and contain data that the general public find hard to understand.
Aug 31, 2012 by Magda Paolillo AGINNOVAZIONE