FORUM “ARGUMENT” – INNOVATION AND THE ECONOMY – Belgrade (Serbia), 18 December 2013

FOTO_Forum_Inovacije i privreda sajtIn Tanjug, on Wednesday, 18.12.2013 held the forum “Arguments” with topic: innovation and the economy. At forum participated the Director of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Henry Bone, Director of the USAID Sustainable Local Development Okmen Howard, director of the Research Center PSC, Vigor Majic, Head of the Centre for Education and Information Institute for Intellectual Property, Danielle Zlatić – Šutić, Milos Milisavljević from the company Strawberry Energy and John Bjelajac from the company “Prelovac media”.
Henry Bone said that Serbian economy able to compete in international markets, but also emphasized the need for additional incentives to facilitate the innovation process. The forum emphasized that Serbia has great intellectual power. Daniela Zlatić – Šutić spoke about the discontinuity in industrial activity due to the disintegration of large industrial systems in Serbia in the last two decades, pointing out that today there are a growing number of patent applications from companies engaged in information and communication technologies. It was also noted an increase in patent applications by companies, whose number is this year almost doubled compared to the 2012th year.

Source: www.zis.gov.rs