Interbike 2012 – Las Vegas (USA), September 19-21, 2012

To conquer the U.S. market aboard a two-wheeled vehicle. This is the aim of those Italian companies due to take part in Interbike Expo that will be held at Sand Expo, Las Vegas, from September 19th to 21st.

Italian-made bicycles have apparently been untouched by the crisis, with exports growing at an impressive 16.6%. They are, therefore, certain to stand out against the competition, especially in this unique exhibition site, with its large, comfortable inside spaces.

Local buyers just looking for high quality products will indeed be presented with a vast selection during the Interbike Expo. However, it will certainly provide them with a unique occasion to visit the stands of the 30 Italian companies, specially coordinated for the event by ICE (the Italian Trade Promotion Agency). They will be able to inspect some comfortable, super-accessorized bikes, and test the quality of the materials they are made from. They will also discover how stylish a designer food flask can be, made either in plastic or in aluminium. There is also a choice of streamlined cycle helmets in metallic colours: either the bowl-shaped version or shell-style with strap fastenings.

More observant visitors are sure to appreciate the importance of specialist clothing, above all for those practising cycling at a competitive level. Italian manufacturers can also come up with the best solutions in this regard: special shorts fitted with a particular sort of padding made from gel or synthetic foam, using transpiring fabrics to prevent unpleasant odours or skin irritation; jerseys in light, clingy materials like lycra; gloves (essential for mountain biking or cross-country), thermal styles for winter and half-gloves for summer, and shoes designed with special heels for the pedals.

This is not to mention the rain-capes, even useful when going downhill, easy to fold away and very space-saving.

There is also room for individual cycle parts, an area where Italian companies are at the cutting edge. On display at Interbike Expo will be handlebars, rod brakes, wheels and chains: all ready to be examined and purchased.

The U.S. market for bikes, parts and accessories represents one of the most important drivers for Italian exports. Indeed, the bicycle is increasingly seen as an alternative way of getting round the city, and this has occurred at the same time as the new trend towards fitness and healthy eating. Italy is now the U.S.A.’s fourth most important business partner, with an overall turnover of more than 33 million dollars, and a share of total imports for the sector equivalent to nearly 2% and growing.

While taking all this as an excellent basis for building commercial links between the two countries, the aim of participating in Interbike Expo must obviously be to do even better. By meeting many new buyers at the fair, opportunities will grow to establish new relationships, increasing the openings for trade and making them even easier for both parties.

Source: www.italtrade.com