Italy at Wire China Fair – Shanghai, September 25-28, 2012

The modernization of Chinese infrastructure resulting from the expansion of the civil and residential building programme, together with the search for higher quality, should prove very important for the sector involved in the manufacture and processing of metal wires and cables.

These twin factors will lend particular significance to the Wire China Fair , scheduled to take place at the modern SNIEC-Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre from September 25th to 28th.

The 24 companies in the Italian delegation, coordinated by ICE (the Italian Trade Promotion Agency) will be occupying some 602m² of the total 75,000m² of exhibition space available. They intend to create a whole “Italian system”, offering the highest quality standards in the sector, displaying only their very choicest products and providing operators with answers to all their needs.

The products on display will indeed be very varied and suited to every requirement: low or medium voltage cables, or cables for special applications, all with insulation sheaths in rubber, P.V.C., silicone and polyurethane; or even more specialist types of multipolar insulated cable made with Levapren.

In addition, there will be unwinding systems for electric cables, straightening and cutting machines for metal wires, braiding machines and winders. Finally, there will also be frequency convertors, load adaptors, inductors and cooling units.

So really nothing will be lacking, and in addition to their range of cutting-edge products, the result of significant investment in research and development, the Italian companies will also be offering their expertise, professionalism and reliability.

In an environment such as Wire China, which involves the participation of 1.300 exhibitors from many countries around the world, standing out from the herd might certainly present a problem. However, this is exactly what the Italian companies intend to do, confronting their international competitors in the knowledge that they are a step ahead in terms of quality.

On the other hand, the sector is expanding within China, given the fact that the final deployment of these products ranges from networks for roadways to uses in the automobile sector, civil infrastructure or telecommunication systems.

Clearly, the products on offer need to be highly adaptable given the many possible applications for which they may be used. The Italian companies have proved to be at the forefront in this regard, while also maintaining consistent quality. The aim of participating in Wire China is therefore to consolidate positions already achieved in the market, to win new customers and to showcase the very best of their products.

They are certainly starting from a firm basis, for in terms of market positioning, Italy represents (together with Germany and Japan) one of the main suppliers of systems, machinery and technology for the local industry. However, they know they can still do more, and the new relationships they will be able to establish at the fair, either through bilateral meetings or just visits to their stands, will certainly be crucial in achieving this end.

Source: www.italtrade.com