Sino-Italian Exchange Event (SIEE) 2013 – Beijing (China), November 15-14, 2013

Schermata 2013-10-02 alle 20.32.21The Sino-Italian Exchange Event – SIEE is an annual event alternately kept in Naples (Italy) and Beijing (China) in order to create exchange and investment chances between innovative, hi-tech and scientific contexts.

Been born on the year 2007  on Città della Scienza’s and  Regione Campania‘s account, SIEE is an effective exchange platform between Italy and China, which, because of its great relevance, can also make use of the sustain by the Italian Foreign Affairs Minister MIUR . Since 2007, SIEE let more than 1.200 research field’s experts, companies’ and also local and national institutions’ operators get the chances created by the fast Chinese economy rise, by focusing on their target and verifying it with fitting Chinese partners, through a previous remote confrontation followed by a one to one direct meeting.


More information on www.cittadellascienza.it.