TEDxBinnenhof Catwalk for Innovation – Rome (Italy), 25.06.2012

The KNIR will host in collaboration with the Embassy of The Netherlands a live-stream broadcast of the TEDxBinnenhof event, featuring original TED talks on innovation in The Hague. These talks will be held simultaneously in The Hague and at other Dutch embassies abroad, featuring daring Dutch companies and researchers which will share their revolutionary ideas with the public.

From 3.30 pm onwards, the presentations will focus on Dutch innovations in Italy, with live presentations by Dutch and Italian entrepreneurs on the following topics:

  • Eliminating the Legionella bacteria
  • Making road transport substainable
  • Recycling textile in fashion

At 5.30 pm Dr. Koert van Mensvoort (Eindhoven University of Technology) will give a lecture on future implications of nanotechnology.

More information on knir.it.