3rd International Conference on Degrowth Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity – Venice (Italy), 19-23 September, 2012

The general theme of the 2012 Venice Conference on Degrowth: Ecologic Sustainability and Social Justice is “The big transition: Degrowth as a passage of civilization”.We are facing massive problems in our environment and society and we definitely have to change. We want to approach these matters in an holistic way. Therefore, themes might seem quite diverse, but they are all connected: work, income, consumption, garbage, energy, technology, mobility, education and citizenship.

The conference is a special occasion to talk about degrowth in a new way. It is intended to be free of reductionism in all fields of analysis – economy, ecology or politics. This implies that we have to approach the topic in an interdisciplinary way. We will pay close attention to transversal linking and connections in between natural and social sciences.

Our standards will be applied in each sector of the conference. Travel modes, food sharing, living together and the different forms of exchange are important values to us.

More info on www.venezia2012.it.

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