8th Internet & E-Business Innovation Forum – Athens (Greece), December 3-4, 2012, Athens, Greece

8th Internet & E-Business Innovation Forum, 3 & 4 December 2012.

The Hellenic Institute Information and Communication Management (HICM-HMA) of the Hellenic Management Association (HMA), in collaboration with Athens University of Economics and Business (E-Business Research Center), as part of its effort to provide updated information on modern issues of information and new technologies is hosting the 8th Internet & E-Business Innovation Forum at Athinais Cultural Center on  3 & 4 December 2012.

The conference aims to inform experts on the current state of e-business and its perspectives in Greece, bring forward best practices (case-studies) regarding e-business in Greece, highlight new business initiatives, and analyse essential issues related in general to the development of e-business in Greece. In particular, it focuses on the following:

·         Institutional policies for e-business development

·         Social Media and Interactive Marketing & Customer Experience

·         Mobile Commerce

·         E-BusinessIntegration

·         Greek Best Practice Cases

·         New Entrepreneurship in E-Business

·         On-line Consumer Trends (Studies)

As happens every year, a special soiree will take place before the conference entitled “On-line Gaming in Greece: Institutions, Businesses, Society”. The event will focus on the developments expected to take place in Greece according to recent legislation, the imminent opening of the market and the approach adopted by the European Commission and the European Court of Justice, as well as the trends of Greek on-line players.