Days of Future: Robotics – Belgrade (Serbia), September 24 – October 15, 2012

Event “Days of Future: Robotics”, where will be presented more than 25 robots, including the most advanced humanoid android in the world, ASIMO, from Japan, begins today in Belgrade and will last until 15 October.

Visitors will be able to see the most advanced humanoid robot, which is designed to help the elderly and sick people, in Kolarac at the 25th and 26 September.

ASIMO recognizes objects that move and calculates the distance and the direction of their movements, and addressing the man greets him by name, recognizes voice commands.

The most advanced humanlike robot can carry a tray, dance, kick a ball, to climb stairs and perform various tasks. However, it still is not in stock and can be seen only at major international trade fairs and in the Japanese company “Honda”, which it is constructed them. Until now he has been presented in 30 countries.

Contribution to its development gave the Belgrade School of Robotics and academic Miomir Vukobratović, creator of the theory of Zero Moment Point, which is used to maintain balance and gait robot ASIMO.

At the event will be presented humanlike robot NAO intended for research purposes, and the intention is to develop it in the future as a service robot to assist the elderly and children, and maintain the premises and households. Visitors will be able to see first prosthetic hand, made ​​1963rd at the Institute “Mihajlo Pupin”, a variety of industrial, medical and other robots.

Days of the future will be held at two locations – at the Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation and the Gallery of Department Store “Beograd”.

Detailed program of the event: www.danibuducnosti.rs

Source: www.pressonline.rs