ESTEL Conference 2012 – Rome (Italy), October 2-5, 2012

The President of the Republic’s farewell greeting marked the end of the works at the ESTEL Conference 2012. The first international conference on satellite communications organized in Europe by IEEE-AESS (IEEE is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity; AESS, one of the IEEE societies, provides a global professional home for engineers working in the electronic systems domain) ended on Friday, 5th October, after giving the over 500 participants who intervened at the “Fontana di Trevi Congress Centre” a fund of innovative contents and far-reaching proposals.

The success of the event is confirmed by the long-awaited announcement of the next edition: ESTEL Conference 2013 will take place in Rome from the 22nd to the 25th October next year and the Technical Committee has already started to study possible innovations, such as the insertion of poster sessions and of specific tutorials intended as a preparation to the Conference. The next edition of ESTEL Conference is going to be a critical international symposium for the development of the satellite telecommunication, and it will focus on the activity of the BRIC countries.

If we trace back what happened during the four symposium days, the presentation of the works submitted for the Call for Papers dealt with various specific topics covering the main areas of interest, from integrated satellite systems to communication and navigation technologies, from space missions to applications for the improvement of the standard of living. Among the invited speakers, reference shall be made to the speech held by Prof. Enrico Del Re (University of Florence) on satellite communication in emergency situations and to the one by Eduardo Cucuzza (NATO COMEDS) on the state of the art of satellite telemedicine, while Vidal Ashkenazi (Chief Executive at the Nottingham Scientific ltd) talked about the future of satellite services applied to railway transports, to airport’s coordinate systems, to the critical security of cars (intelligent transport systems) and to financial transactions.

Also the following invited lecturers have participated to the Conference: Alfonso Farina (Chief Technology Officer SELEX Sistemi Integrati); Mario Savastano (National Research of Italy); Ezio Biglieri (Adjunct professor of Electrical Engineering at UCLA); Philippe Noel (Mission Control Center Thales Alenia Space); Christian Schlegel (University of Alberta); Erich Lutz (Head of the Digital Network Section, DLR); Bernard H. Fleury (Department of Electronic Systems University of Aalborg); Michael Devetsikiotis (IEEE Communication Society Distinguished Lecturer 2008-2011); Vasily V. Popovich (Deputy Director SPIIRAS for Research); Nicolas Sklavos (Informatics & MM Department, Technological Educational Institute of Patras HELLAS); Marco Chiani (University of Bologna); Daniele Mortari (Professor of Aerospace Engineering); Silvano Pupolin (University of Padova); Maria Gabriella Di Benedetto (University of Rome, La Sapienza); Stephen Coulson (head of the industry section in ESA’s directorate of Earth Observation Programs in ESRIN); Stephen B. Johnson (Center for Space Studies, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs); Alberto Ginesi (Head of the Communication-TT&C Systems & Techniques Section, ESA/ESTEC); Hermann Schumacher (Universität Ulm. Institut für elektronische Bauelemente und Schaltungen).

Estel Conference 2012 Sponsors: Eutelsat (third satellite operator in the world), OpenSky (ISP and cinema via satellite provider), Space Engineering, Avanti Consulting, Telespazio, Thales Alenia Space, SES Broadband Services, Flyby, Northrop Grumman, Coilcraft, GM Spazio, Asaspazio, Telesat Ghana, Selex Elsag, Selex Galileo, Novotronik, Antech, Sematron Italia.

Estel Conference 2012 Patronages: High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic, European Commission, Agency for Innovation Technology Exploitation, Ministry of Economic Development, Confindustria Digitale, Confindustria Servizi innovativi e tecnologici, Lazio Region, Major of Rome.

Great interest was also devoted to the two special sessions on the development of the European GNSS GALILEO- coordinated by Ing. Gian Gherardo Calini of the European GNSS Agency – and on the issue of satellite safety and cryptography, curated by Prof. Pierangela Samarati of the University of Milan.

The organizers and the scientific partners of the University of Tor Vergata intend the upcoming Call for Papers for the ESTEL Conference 2013 to be aimed at favoring the enhancement of the competence network which was triggered by the first edition of the Conference, further fostering cooperation between companies and universities operating in the field of satellite communications.

Source: www.rivistageomedia.it