Hellenic Innovation Forum, Athens Oct.7 – 8, 2013


Greece in Transition

Shaping an Innovation Policy for Greece

Athens, October 7-8, 2013

The forum, organized as a multi-lateral venture, will open the discussion on Greece’s innovative future. The forum will explore best practices in innovation policy and identify opportunities to initiate cooperation between Greeks (local/diaspora) and non-Greeks (EU/non EU) represented by participants. The forum will also identify ways to take advantage of the EU-funding on innovation policy that will become available starting in 2014.

The forum will be designed to facilitate the exchange of views and expertise between experts from Greece, the Greek Diaspora, other European Countries, and the United States of America. The forum will seek to:

  • Envision an ambitious, innovative future for Greece, highlight Greece’s hidden assets, as well as the obstacles that prevent it from leveraging these assets;
  • Recommend ways to enhance Greece’s existing assets; and
  • Identify individual projects that have the potential to become flagship projects for Greece.

More specifically, when discussing the set of policy measures, these may encompass (i) the further development of existing research institutes, universities and professional education, (ii) the establishment of new research institutions of highest quality; (iii) the expansion of research clusters based on existing specialization within Greece; (iv) business environment reforms including improved (intellectual) property rights, aimed at nurturing the entry and growth of innovative firms and businesses (v) the development of financial tools to support actors in the early stage of the innovation cycle, (vi) the provision of innovation supporting services; and (vii) the development of a policy aimed at exploiting the strengths of the Diaspora.

Participants from Greece, the Greek diaspora, other European Countries and the U.S.A. will include

  • Decision Makers
  • Scientists
  • Managers from excellent research institutions
  • Providers of public funds for innovation policies
  • Potential private investors and industry leaders
  • Banks, venture capitalists and financial intermediaries
  • Entrepreneurs and successful high-tech start-ups

The conference is co-organised by the Bonn based Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), the Task Force for Greece, and the Eugenides Foundation, with the support of the German Embassy, the Bodossakis Foundation.

Info: http://www.hif-git.com