Science Festival this year, one day longer – Belgrade (Serbia), Novembre 29-December 2, 2012

Sixth International Science Festival, the largest event for the Promotion of Science in Southeastern Europe, this year will last one day longer – a total of four days, and will start on Thursday 29th November, and will finish second December. It will be held under the slogan “No way,” and this year’s protective symbol, playful mind, is willing to “train the curves” of curious visitors.

Science Festival will be held in four locations in the city center: in the former department store “Kluz”, Student Cultural Center, Gallery of the National Bank of Serbia and the theater scene Bojan Stupica. These four locations, which are close, this winter is getting a “festival quart.” “Science without ceasing”, “Sci-fi-stage”, “Whereas”, “Eksperitinejdžeri zone” and “Scientific playgrounds” are the names of programs units that will introduce visitors to 450 young scientists from 36 national scientific and educational institutions and more than 40 guests from abroad – France, USA, Sweden, Great Britain, Hungary. Special guest at this year’s festival will be astronaut Marsha Ivins, a veteran five missions of NASA, who has spent 1300 hours in space, and because of the great interest of the audience, physically and Laser Shows Lund University in Sweden, will have 16 appearances during the four days of the festival theaters in the area “Bojan Stupica “.

Last year the event was visited by more than 9,000 students from about 180 preschools and schools of Serbia, so the Science Festival has prepared special offers for organized school visits, which are designed for various programs on Thursday and Friday. In a number of workshops and scientific settings offered Facilities for pre-school age children and primary and secondary schools. 

Source: www.personalmag.rs