‘’Semi-group competitions for the best technological innovation’’ – Belgrade (Serbia), December 4 + 7, 2012

Based on the positioning at Exhibitions of innovations were determined semi-final group.

At the semi-finals which will be held 04.12. in hotel ‘’Tourist’’ in Kraljevo, innovations will present the following teams:

  • Armadillo – key industrial applications compiled in PCB technology
  • Eco Ice Cream – Organic ice cream truck for sale
  • Glue – Adhesive labels for glass and PET containers
  • Magma – high vacuum pump
  • Fuziomati – Fuziomati
  • Hemluck – extinguish (localization) of catastrophic forest fires

Three days later, 07.12.2012 at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, in the second semi-final competition will take part:

  • Brašnjari – naked seeded pumpkin flour
  • Gajbari – Eco crates
  • Contra gel Ignis – Ignis Contra gel
  • Skaters – ECO Tractor
  • Merry3011 – Reducing Pollution
  • Persistent – Ecological gas system with injectors for burning weeds and leveling of land

Teams are listed in alphabetical order and not given their placement, in order not to influence the future course of events.


Source: www.pks.rs