Conference: The Competitiveness of the economy – energy efficiency and advanced technologies – Belgrade (Serbia), 22 February 2013

Central European Development Forum, CEDEF, under the institutional auspices of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Tehnological Development and in cooperation with Serbian Chamber of Commerce and School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade will organize the conference: The competitiveness of the economy – energy efficiency and advanced technologies, on 22th February, 2013, Belgrade.

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Serbia has the lowest level of energy efficiency in Europe nowadays, in some areas it spends 5 times more primary energy per unit of GDP than developed countries. In some sectors, energy consumption is 4 to 5 times higher than in Western countries. Therefore, the economy produces goods that are not competitive, households have higher costs, while the state allocate funds several times higher for importing the electricity, gas and other fuels.

Advanced Technology in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources make the production more rational and sustainable and more competitive. Savings up to 40% through energy efficiency directly affect the better position of a company, local communities and entire country.

New technological solutions and IT for their application in energy efficiency and renewable energy are one of the central topics of the global economic and development policies. The importance of using new and information technologies in order to increase energy efficiency is reflected in:

• More competitive economy by reducing and optimizing costs

• Local and regional development through optimal energy management

• Increasing the number of jobs in the green industry

• Transferring of world technology, knowledge and positive experiences to the local environment, and thus to stimulate science in Serbia

• Creating conditions for the development of green entrepreneurship and a favorable climate for new investment despite the economic crisis, given that energy is an active area of interest for investment and secure return on investment.

For efficient and effective energy management is necessary to constantly monitor and develop new tools and technologies suitable for the introduction of more efficient, cleaner technical and technological solutions in energy management plan. The importance of new technologies and IT is to reduce operating costs and develop innovative and practical approaches for energy management that include the use of alternative energy programs, modern and efficient monitoring of tariffs, quality management of energy, monitoring and diagnostics solutions, etc..

Therefore, for the third time CEDEF organizes a conference intended for economists, central and local government with the aim to present new technological and IT solutions that are applicable in Serbia and the region to all the participants, and provide greater energy and cost efficiency, and increase the competitiveness of companies and the economy in contemporary market conditions.

Apart from technological issues, the conference will be discussed administrative and financial aspects of the use of modern technology. We expect the participation of over 200 experts, companies, representatives of ministries, agencies, local governments, investors, embassies, chambers of commerce, development organizations and the media.

Source: www.cedeforum.org