Info day for companies that have been approved financing in the framework of two programs of the innovation fund – Belgrade (Serbia), 03 July 2013

Today, in the premises of the IPO, the Info Day has been organized under the auspices of the Innovation Fund and the Intellectual Property Office. This event has been organized for companies that have been approved financing in the framework of the Program of Early Development and Program of Co-financing of Innovations led by the Innovation Fund.

The Info Day was opened by Branka Totic, Director of the Intellectual Property Office. Mrs. Branka Totic acquainted the attendees with the activities of the IPO, emphasizing the services of the diagnosis of intellectual property and the Open Doors, intended for the consultations with regard to the protection of the different sorts of intellectual property rights in the business companies and for the individuals. The Director of the IPO emphasized the importance of identification and protection of immaterial assets of companies, primarily with the aim to materialize investments, potentially enter various transactions and estimate the relevant value of intellectual property.

Afterwards, the experts of the Innovation Fund presented the instructions on the implementation of the projects and training for the companies, information of the exercising the procurement process and follow up of the realization of the project and instructions on the financing in the course of the realization of the project. The participants also had a chance to listen to the very useful lecture given by the expert of the Education and Information Center of the IPO devoted to the procedures for the grant of patent, trademark and industrial design with the short survey of services offered by the Intellectual Property Office.