Innovation in the public sector and the development of e-services – Urbino (Italy), April 19-20, 2012

The conference aims at an in depth discussion on the changing role of public sector in innovation, with a specific focus on the development of web-based services. This issue ranks very high in the political agenda of the renewed Lisbon Strategy and opens up novel challenges to scholars and practitioners. Indeed the introduction of digital technology and the provision of e-services can be seen as fundamental drivers for the efficiency of public administrations, for the diffusion and generation of knowledge, and to improve the inclusion and overall performance of EU economies.

From this perspective, studies and reflections presented will cover themes analyzed in a research project carried out at the University of Urbino on “Technology Adoption and Innovation in Public Services” (TAIPS) within the framework of EIBURS – European Invetsment Bank University Research Sponsorship Program. Topics tackled in this conference include: differences between market and non market services, the shifting boundaries, complementarities and mutual interdependencies between public and private providers, alternative data sources and methods to explore the provision of new public services. A comprehensive overview will be offered on the state of the art of research on the diffusion and adoption of public e-services, ranging from e-government, e-health, e-education, e-procurement, and intelligent transport systems.

The conference is organized as part of the research project on “Technology adoption and innovation in public services (TAIPS)”, carried out by the Department of Economics, Society and Politics, University of Urbino, Italy, and funded by EIBURS – European Investment Bank University Research Sponsorship Programme, Line of research: Development of public e-services in Europe.

Link to TAIPS: www.econ.uniurb.it

Conference website: www.econ.uniurb.it/Eiburs-TAIPS_Conference_2012