Internet as Innovation Eco-System Summit and Exhibition 2012 – Riva del Garda (Italy), October 4-6, 2012

Internet as Innovation Eco-System Summit and Exhibition 2012 offers great networking and match-making opportunities for companies, SMEs, business development experts and service providers, as well as students, engineers, researchers, scientists, policymakers in the ICT domain and other emerging domains where new information and communication technologies find their application.

The event is also intended for the general public that is interested in understanding more about the Internet of today, and tomorrow. In fact, the participation of the general public is important to the Summit because it is these everyday business and personal users of the Internet that can provide important feedback to those that are building the Internet of tomorrow.

Participants have an opportunity to discuss their practical experience, get the latest information about applicability and usage of technologies, discover the latest innovative approaches and experience in related technological areas, as well as promote their activities among a large number of participants, thus increase their exposure and visibility.

Internet as Innovation Eco-System Summit and Exhibition 2012 is the counterpart and the realization of the virtual interaction between all stakeholders that participate in EAI. The results of Summits, due to the virtual counterpart get disseminated to large EAI Community of institutional members and individual participants. EAI Summits are continues interaction platform that provides a year around exposure opportunity for the participants.

 More information on innovation-ecosystem-summit.eu.