Makers Italy – November 9-11, 2012

Under the motto “Don’t be bored … Do something!”, Makers Italy arrives. The great Italian event dedicated to the “makers”, the creative and digital technology, the “garage innovators “, but also to all lovers of DIY (do-it-yourself) that, with their innovations and their new business models, are giving rise to what many commentators do not hesitate to define a new “industrial revolution”.

From 9 till 11 November 2012, in Rho, Makers Italy will propose an innovative form of combination of exhibition with real “forge/workshop” where ideas can be putted in practice.

This is an exhibition and a workshop: while the makers will exhibit and offer prototypes, products and innovative ideas, in the exhibition hall a workshop will be organized equipped and set up with dozens of working tables (with electrical outlets, welders, testers, oscilloscopes …), which will be available to visitors who request it. The visitors will be assisted in case of need in their accomplishments by a host of qualified tutors (graduate or undergraduate in electrical engineering, electrical, computer science, mechanics, physics, etc..).

More information on www.makersitaly.it.