Seminar ‘’Best Practices in Innovative Finance’’ in Cacak , Novi Pazar , Krusevac and Ruma, 22-31 October, 2013

Integrated Innovation Support Programme ( IISP ) is organized for representatives of business support and companies seminars ‘Best practices in innovative finance ‘ in the following cities: 22 October 2013th Cacak , 24 October 2013th Novi Pazar , 29 October 2013th Krusevac and 31 October 2013th Ruma. Given the fact that in Serbia in the future is expected to grow the number of funds to finance innovative business projects, the aim of the workshop is to improve the advisory capacity of national institutions to support business enterprises in the field of financial instruments – information on ownership and risk capital (Eng. private equity and venture capital) . During the next year, the European Union and the Republic of Serbia shall establish a fund to boost entrepreneurship and innovation for small and medium enterprises, WB EDIF – Program Development & Innovation of the Western Balkans, the EU program worth 140 million Euros for small and medium businesses in the region. The Serbian government is currently working on the development of appropriate regulations and market development investment of financial instruments (Eng. venture capital) in Serbia.

Private Equity is a medium- to long-term form of financing that provides equity funds in return for a share in the ownership of companies that are listed on stock exchanges, which have a high potential for business development. Funds invest or buy shares in the company at a later stage of development, assuming that the company will invest the funds recorded strong growth for the business. However, to provide equity is not the same thing and provide a classic bank loan. Lenders have a legal right to interest and repayment of capital invested regardless of success or failure of companies in the business. On the other hand, equity funds are faced with a much greater risk, since they generate a return on funds invested only in the event that the company in which they invested recorded strong growth in business volume and profitability.

Venture Capital is a type of equity and refers to the investment in the initial phase of development of a company. It is buying an interest, whether majority or minority, a private company which is in the early stage of development, the level of the business plan, or with only a few employees.


More information on www.iisp.rs.