SMART City Exhibition – Bologna (Italy), October 29-31, 2012

SMART City Exhibition is the new exhibition arising from the partnership between FORUM PA  and Bologna Fiere. A 3 days exhibition, from 29 to 31 October 2012 at Fiera di Bologna, characterised by meetings, workshops and much more. This initiative becomes a must in this particular moment where politics for smart cities is a national and European priority.

Despite the opportunities of European funds and National announcements for smart cities and smart communities, it’s always more necessary to have a place where experts can meet and debate: the aim is building sustainable and far-seeing politics, useful to satisfy citizens’ needs in this particular moment.

The exhibition proposes a new vision of city characterised by: information flows, physical and digital relationships and communications networks, capability to create social capital, wellness for people and a best quality of life.

SMART City Exhibition has many innovative aspects based on a high participation to qualified meetings and workshops, presentation of international scenarios, construction of a new shared culture aiming at transforming in a real project all those ideas and initiatives at an embryonic stage


SMART City Exhibition 2012 aims at:

  • Developing a shared definition of smart city, showing the fundamental steps for a strategic and holistic approach; finding those sectorial politics and the relations among them and the steps to follow to implement them; explaining the role of technology on the basis of its three levels: ict platforms, vertical areas (education, health, welfare, environment, energy, mobility, etc…), peripheral devices, sensors.
  • Fostering training meetings for public managers about themes on the cities of future.
  • Finding and disseminating the best Italian and European experiences and determining the patterns.
  • Collecting a set of documents about all aspects of a smart city in order to create a shared culture with the Central Government, cities, local authorities and companies to lay the foundations of new politics for smart cities.
  • Debating on new patterns of procurement and public-private partnership that can allow far-seeing investments to improve urban life.
  • Offering to citizens and to public opinion a report on progresses of innovation in cities with particular attention to accountability.


Here the main tools of SMART City Exhibition 2012:

  • Six Plenary Sessions that will introduce the main themes of the exhibition. Each conference will last two hours, a keynote speaker will introduce the theme and representatives of Central Government, Majors, University and Research experts will be present.
    The themes we propose:

    • Smart Governance and Smart Economy
    • ICT Platform in a Smart City
    • Smart Mobility
    • Smart People and Smart Living
    • Smart Environment and Energy
    • Urban Planning
      Representatives from Barcelona, Amsterdam, Manchester, Berlin, Parades accepted our invitation to take part to SCE as speakers. Mr Carlo Ratti from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and many others experts of the main international projects on smart city will meet in Bologna (in progress).
  • Thematic Labs: these meetings, reserved for local authorities representatives, company managers, experts and professors from Universities and Research centres, are the main tool of this exhibition. We foresee from 30 to 50 half-day sessions dedicated to a close study of themes proposed and to the drafting of operative documents that foster the implementation of right politics. These labs will be held in sponsors’ exhibition areas. The aim is creating a synergies between companies and politics.
  • 8 Conferences for a strategic and political debate on the themes proposed.
  • The Expo Section will represent a real metaphor of a smart city, where public will find spaces for meetings, demos, debate, presentation of strategies, projects and solutions.


Smart City Exhibition addresses to:

  • Public managers coming from cities, regions, local and central national institutions, such ministers, that are involved in this matter. General Directors and General Secretaries will be involved during meetings.
  • Academic and research world, architects, engineers and all those people involved in urban life.
  • Managers from the main ICT companies.
  • Small and medium innovative companies and young creative “makers”.
  • Citizens and associations of citizens involved in improving wellness and life in cities.

The main players of this exhibition organised by FORUM PA and BOLOGNAFIERE are: the Italian Government, the Minister of Education, University and Research, the Minister of Environment, the Minister of Territorial Cohesion,   the Minister of Economic Development, the Minister for Public administration, the Minister for European Politics; Anci (the National Association of Italian Municipalities), the City of Bologna; the Region of Emilia Romagna; the European Commission; the Inter-parliamentary Group for Urban Politics; the Polytechnics of Milan and Turin and the University of Rome, La Sapienza, and of Bologna; the Network of Strategic Cities, VEGA Park(Venice) and Torino Wireless (Turin) Research Canters; Confindustria Digitale and many other associations and cultural, professional and research institutions.

More info on www.smartcityexhibition.it.