Start Cup Piemonte Valle d’Aosta 2012 – Turin (Italy), October 4, 2012

On October 4 2012 at 15.00, the Polytechnic University of Turin will host the Hall Faculty Council award ceremony of the 10 finalists selected by the three universities of Piedmont selected from 280 business ideas participants to Start Cup Piemonte Valle d’Aosta 2012.
The competition, aimed at local development, is in the frame of the global strategies of the Piedmont region with the aim of supporting the emergence of firms with high knowledge content and to promote the economic development of the territory. The measure is supported by the Piedmont Region, approved in April 2012, a new act of address with the aim to continue, for the period 2012/2013, and implement the activities and services already in place in the period 2009/2011 to stimulate and support the creation of new innovative companies and spin-offs from public research.
The activities and interventions proposed and approved by the Regional Council aim to define a path full of support, ranging from the stimulus attitude and entrepreneurship researchers accompaniment to transform an innovative idea into a real business project, along to support the creation of the company and its early stage.
Other participants of the project are: the Province and the City of Turin, the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, the Region of Valle d’Aosta and other partners of Piedmont.

The total prize money is € 112,500, three absolute prizes aimed at the creation of new enterprises in university incubators, universities promoters and other special prizes for the ICT and Energy, and for those who want to do business with ASTI, CUNEO, NOVARA, VERCELLI and VALLE D’AOSTA. The fund Piemontech will invest € 300 thousand in the winner of the Start Cup 2012 and the first top 5 selected will have the right to participate in the National Award for Innovation-PNI, the cup of champions of projects of company winners of the 17th regional Start Cups on which participate 47 universities and six centers of CNR, the National Research Council, which will be held in Bari on November 30 2012.

Speakers at the ceremony for the local institutions: Claudia Porchietto, Minister of Labour and Vocational Training of the Piedmont Region, Ida Vana, Minister for Industry, Consultation territorial investee companies, Information System, European Projects in the Province of Turin, Stefano Gallo, Councillor Sports and Recreation of the City of Turin, Guido Bolatto, Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, Ennio Pastoret, Councillor for Productive Activities of the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta.

The awards program is available at the link http://www.i3p.it/start-cup/Premiazione
For organizational please confirm your participation by October 2 pv using the online form at the link http://www.i3p.it/eventi/prenotazione/1202

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