Ministry of Science will award Annual prizes for scientific achievements for 2012. (Montenegro)

The prize was established in 2011 and is assigned in 5 categories, which are aimed to motivate young scientists, women in science and scientists in all categories in order to raise the scientific community in Montenegro.

Prizes for 2012 are as follows:

  1. The most successful young researcher (talent by the age of 20 years) – Petar Tadić pupil, Fourth year high school “ Stojan Cerović” in Nikšić.
  2. The most successful young researcher (by the age of 35 years) – assistant professor Savo Tomović, engaged in teaching at Faculty of Natural sciences and Mathematics, at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Montenegro.
  3. Project manager and research team for carrying the best national project in 2012 – David Kalaj PhD, Faculty of Natural sciences and Mathematics, University of Montenegro.
  4. The most successful woman in science – assistant professor Vesna Maraš, director of Department for Company development  – “13. Jul Plantaže”.
  5. Inventor for the most successful patent or innovative solution – assistant professor Srđan Jovanovski, engaged in teaching at the Faculty of Information Technology of the University “Mediterranean”.

The ceremony of awarding Annual prizes for scientific achievements in 2012. will take place on Friday December 14th in Podgorica at Villa “Gorica”.