The CCIS participates in the project “Network of young innovators for sustainable ideas in agricultural and food industry”

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS) participates in the project “Network of young innovators for sustainable ideas in agricultural and food industry”, which is being financed by the European Union with the total budget in the amount of near 2.5 million euro, while the total value of the project for the CCIS amounts to 214.000 euro.

The holder of the project  is the Agency for knowledge and technology  transfer from Italy in collaboration with 13 partners from the region. The project is planned to be realised in two years.The aim of the project is to contribute to sustainable growth of agrarian and food industry in South Eastern Europe through the implementation of innovations in this sector. Making innovation potentials of the young people into reality through the creation of favourable conditions for the exchange of ideas, mobility and cooperation among research centres and companies, along with adequate support to the public sector, the project will contribute to the stability of the agricultural sector which is being endangered due to the international competitiveness and the reduction of consumption of food.

NO-BLE ideas will offer special services for development and promotion of innovative ideas in the field of agricultural and food industry, thus providing possibilities to the projects of young researchers to become available to experts and the public. The new innovative ideas will become real through the international presentations and international competitions which will be an opportunity for the young innovators to promote their projects in the companies of the investors being interested in and who will support the best projects by financing the pilot projects. The result expected is the improvement of the cooperation between scientific and business sector, the mobility for the realisation of innovative projects, the increase of private investments in research and innovations, as well as the creation of new ideas in agricultural and food industry, where a great number of innovative solutions should be implemented in.

The participation of the national association of Serbian businesses in this project is extremely important. All these years the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia has been recognized as the main figure in the strengthening of the economy founded on knowledge and transfer of new inventions and technologies, which put the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia on the position of the most important partner in this part of Europe. This project will modernize services for business support provided to the targeted groups and members of the chambers of commerce in the field of knowledge and technology transfer. In addition, the office will be opened and the platform for providing the services for development of ideas of the young innovators will be established, and the level of knowledge and skills of the participants in the project will be raised along with the more efficient usage of the EU support programme. The Festival of sciences in the field of agribusiness will be organized, as well as the meetings of scientific, academic and business community, which will all together contribute to stronger cooperation between sciences and business. It is also planned to organize the International best project competition whose final winners might realise their ideas or launch new technologies on the market. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia has great experience when it comes to the organization of similar competitions, where innovators and inventors achieve exquisite results so it is real to expect high position of our innovative solutions. In that aspect, the cooperation between the domestic and international institutions is expected to be stronger which should open the doors to new projects from the EU programme as well as other support programmes assigned to Serbia.

Source: www.pks.rs