The extended session of the Board of technological innovation and the Round table with topic “Innovation-untapped resource in the Republic of Serbia”

The extended session of the Board of technological innovation of Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Committee on science, quality, education and management of the Regional Chamber of Kraljevo, in which they discussed many issues of innovation activity was held in the Regional Chamber of Commerce Kraljevo. The session was attended by the President of RCC Kraljevo Mladomir Novakovic, who expired on the importance of the chamber system for the development of innovation activity and confirmed the strategic orientation of the Chamber in supporting technological development and innovation.

In the sessions held roundtable on the topic: Innovation-untapped resource in the Republic of Serbia, in whose work participate a large number of eminent scholars, professors from universities, successful entrepreneurs and experts, with the aim of identifying and defining the problems that arise in business innovative firms, and making suggestions for improving them.

By participating in this conference, Marina Vukobratović-Curran, Coordinator for innovation activity in front of the Ministry of Science, Education and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia, stressed the activities carried out by the competent Ministry, highlighting the results of the public invitation, the new budget proposal, and the new integrated program of support to innovation.

Danica Mićanović pointed out that the support of the Ministry of Science PKS was always content and quality, and that the measures and programs put forward by Ms. Vukobratović continued in line with the strategic direction for the creation of the modern Serbian economy based on knowledge. But he noted that the results of these measures are weak that even though they are in Serbia adopted strategies and regulations, harmonized legislation, established Innovation Fund, joined the EPO, Serbia ranks as the country with the poor performances of innovation. Few issuances of the R & D and that part of the more than basic technology research, there is a small number of patent applications, and decreasing the number of registered entities innovation.

The emphasis in determining the problem was put on bad science and business cooperation. Committee members had a number of creative suggestions for the improvement of innovation activity primarily through operations on the basis of cost-effective patents, increase budgetary allocations for R & D, more active involvement of scientists in commercial solutions, business support SMEs with development and patent solutions, tax incentives, the inclusion pupils and students in innovation projects and the like. All suggestions will be systematized and to line Ministry, with the aim of strengthening cooperation between science and industry.

At the event was presented the Base of technological innovation as new service of Serbian Chamber of Commerce, which was developed with the aim of connecting science and business.
After the event has organized visit to the laboratory of 3D Impulse Mechanical Engineering, which is a result of the project of European Commission, the city of Cacak and Kraljevo, in order to promote cooperation between science and industry.

Source: www.pks.rs