11th International Fair of Entrepreneurship “Business Base 2012″ and 4th Fair of Local self-government – Belgrade (Serbia), 29.11-01.12.2012

National Agency for Regional Development (NARD) has been organizing International Entrepreneurship Fair every year, in cooperation with Belgrade Fair. This year this manifestation have 11th edition and is for the first time organized both with Local self-government fair, in cooperation with Ministry of Regional development and local self-government. Majority of stakeholders for SME sector in Serbia are present at this Fair, as exhibitors or as participants in various programs organized within accompanying program, such as workshops, seminars, b2b etc.

As one of the organizers, NARD had central exhibition space at the Fair and at the stand, among other projects and programs, FINNO was presented (ppt presentation of the Project in Serbian, leaflets in English). Also, consultant engaged for the implementation of the work packages 3-5 was present and, among other activities, she used opportunity to establish deeper contact with relevant stakeholders for innovations, present at the manifestation (Fund for innovative activities, above all).