Partnership is involving different key actors forming the institutional framework for fostering innovation: national and regional ministries, technology and innovation agencies and research organisations.
It is composed of 15 partners from 11 SEE countries, covering old and new EU member states and
(potential) candidate countries, representing a majority of SEE geographical area with population of
104 mio inhabitants.



Official name in English: Chamber of Commerce & Industry Tirana
Full name in original language: Dhoma e Tregtise dhe Industrise Tirane
Abbreviation: CCIT
Country: Albania
Type of institution: Chamber of commerce, collective business support actor

Albanian Centre for Business Research and Training (CCIT) that employs 43 people is one of few organizations in Albania having a special department, Centre for Business Research and Training, which is orientated to develop projects and arrange trainings. It employs a qualified staff (engineers, business managers, IT specialists, PhD and MSc degree employees) and has strong cooperation relationships with national and international know-how centres.

CCIT has technical competences in the field of project management. Their qualified employees have been involved in management and implementation of many projects in different fields, where CCIT has been their important component. Other CCIT competences are: Planning and organizing, Project Management, Problem Solving, Financial Management, ICT Design & Development, etc..

CCIT is participating in all FINNO project activities, but mostly it contributes to the project by preparing state-of-the-art analysis for Albania, preparing national analysis according to estimated TIAS rate, identifying national policy gaps and preparing national policy recommendations. In addition, the partner organizes one project meeting and also attend at other partnership meetings.

The benefit for the partner is a better understanding of innovation policy in Albania and a better cooperation among countries in the region on innovation policy level, it gains experience in better innovation policy-making, informing policy-makers, making policy suggestions and finally, attendance at FINNO Committee and the creation of an innovation mechanism in Albania.

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