Partnership is involving different key actors forming the institutional framework for fostering innovation: national and regional ministries, technology and innovation agencies and research organisations.
It is composed of 15 partners from 11 SEE countries, covering old and new EU member states and
(potential) candidate countries, representing a majority of SEE geographical area with population of
104 mio inhabitants.



Official name in English: Italian National Agency for Innovation
Full name in original language: Agenzia per la diffusione delle tecnologie per l’innovazione
Country: Italy
Type of institution: National public authority

The Italian National Agency for Innovation (AGINNOVAZIONE) is the operative agency of Italian Ministry for Innovation which, together with the Ministry for the Economic Development, defines the policies and strategies at national level. This puts the Agency in the position of having a real connection with innovation and research operators.

Its main role is working on fostering cluster’s competitiveness by spreading new technologies and their industrial applications. That means to promote connections between research and industry which is done through the identification, valorisation and spreading of know-how, competences, technologies and industrial applications, both at national and international level. All this work gave the Agency useful skills in the organization and communication field.

Partners main competences are following: ex-ante and ex-post evaluation of national policies and programmes devoted to research and innovation; promotion of technology platforms and their link to European Technology Platforms (ETPs); promotion and coordination of technology foresight programmes; high level training programmes for TTOs and ILOs officials; valorisation of public research results.

The AGINNOVAZIONE cooperates in all project activities, but its main responsibility is coordination of the communication activities as WP2 leader such as: preparation of communication plan, promotional activities, instructions for communication activities for partners, promotional material and templates for media relations.

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