Partnership is involving different key actors forming the institutional framework for fostering innovation: national and regional ministries, technology and innovation agencies and research organisations.
It is composed of 15 partners from 11 SEE countries, covering old and new EU member states and
(potential) candidate countries, representing a majority of SEE geographical area with population of
104 mio inhabitants.



Official name in English: Ministry of Economic Development and Technology
Full name in original language: Ministrstvo za gospodarski razvoj in tehnologijo
Abbreviation: MGRT
Country: Slovenia
Type of institution: National public authority

The Ministry has many experiences and competences in the field of fostering the promotion of enterprise as a societal culture, encouraging individual enterprise target groups, promoting the linking of the science and research spheres with the economy in order to achieve greater synergistic effects, encouraging innovation and introducing high technology and development, along with the adaptation of new forms of project and proprietary financial companies.

The partner has an overview of all project activities. It contributes to the project by reviewing state-of-the-art analysis, TIAS structure, SAT, latter analysis and by giving feedback on work being done. The Ministry contributes also by promoting the FINNO committee, assisting in preparation of action plan (together with Slovenian lead partner) and by participating at the final FINNO project conference.

FINNO project provides important outputs, cooperation activities and common methodology upon which the Ministry gains important data, tools and expert material which will be of great value for policy making processes and cooperation among involved countries in the field of innovation and technological development. Since project partnership consists of important and relevant organisations in South East Europe, Ministry sees the importance for cooperation in the FINNO project and especially in establishing the FINNO committee as a mean of project sustainability and as a mean for future cooperation and fostering innovation in South East Europe.

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