Partnership is involving different key actors forming the institutional framework for fostering innovation: national and regional ministries, technology and innovation agencies and research organisations.
It is composed of 15 partners from 11 SEE countries, covering old and new EU member states and
(potential) candidate countries, representing a majority of SEE geographical area with population of
104 mio inhabitants.



Official name in English: Ministry of Science
Full name in original language: Crna Gora Ministarstvo nauke
Abbreviation: MoS-ME
Country: Montenegro
Type of institution: Public administration

The Ministry of Science, as a state administrative authority responsible for scientific and research activities in Montenegro, endeavors to ensure a scientific base necessary for further development of research and development, as well as to set solid grounds for the knowledge-based society.

Formed as a separate Ministry responsible for science in the Government of Montenegro in December 2010, Ministry implemented a demanding program of activities related to the implementation of both national and international scientific and research  programmes, in order to better position the Montenegrin research community in the European Research Area.

MoS-ME is IPA Partner 4 of the FINNO project.

MoS-MNE will ensure regular communication with project coordinator, WP leaders and EU Delegation on Montenegro, and take care of timely implementation of activities at the national level. It will prepare the state-of-the-art-analysis policies, strategies and existing indicators for Montenegro and assist companies in SAT exercise.

The Ministry will take care of the implementation of the communication plan (internal and external) developed for the project, by giving inputs, providing country specific information and ensuring that the project is visible to the target groups, stakeholders and public at large.

MoS-ME will facilitate the participation of the FINNO Committee members of Montenegro in this body, administer its work and ensure visibility. The Committee, as an expert body consisting of representatives from the stakeholder community, will be in charge of providing support, promotion and expert advice to the project.

Aug 31, 2012 by Magda Paolillo AGINNOVAZIONE