ICE (the Italian Trade Promotion Agency) is working more closely than ever with companies

The Company Assistance Department of ICE, the Italian Trade Promotion Agency, conducts questionnaires, direct interviews, focus groups and surveys to assess the satisfaction of companies.

This service, available as of this month, aims to provide assistance meeting the needs of the continually evolving world of Italian businesses. Its hallmarks are ccustomization efficiency and pragmatism, which certainly apply to the project “Il tuo prodotto sul mercato” (Your Product on the Market), a sort of mini-guide for businesses on how to market their products with specialist financial-commercial analysis, taking into account the situation of the country concerned and including contractual notes. Information on taxes and charges, technical details, a list of the main specialist showrooms, and benchmarking of competitors is provided first-up. The business is, so to speak, given a check-up of its products for export, allowing the business to assess each practical aspect of its process of internationalization.

Another project, entitled “Il tuo consulente per l’estero” (Your Global Consultant), offers the ongoing assistance of an international marketing expert at the base in Rome who defines, in strategic and practical terms, a plan of action for breaking onto new export markets. In order to ensure ease of assistance, there is also a free-phone number, available Monday to Friday, which you can call to talk with professionals who work shifts and offer advice on issues relating to internationalization and exports. This free-phone number, and a dedicated e-mail address, round off the front desk service. In addition, Italian businesses are promoted on the Italtrade portal and there is an interactive e-catalogue on the site www.ice.gov.it.

The first stage, starting this November, is to ensure companies can communicate online using the services that ICE offers via its overseas offices. Lastly, in order to offer businesses real financial assistance and to help them overcome difficulties associated with the crisis, discounts are freely offered on the services according to progressive bands of expenditure, often greatly reducing the amount of the final invoice. Companies that can be defined as “innovative start-ups” are also offered a flat discount of 30%, irrespective of the amount payable for the services used.

Source: www.italtrade.com

Dec 4, 2013 in Italy / Other news
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