Made in Italy on International Jewellery Show – Hong Kong, March 5-9, 2013

Class, femininity and glamour are at the heart of the Italian jewellery exhibited in Hong Kong at the International Jewellery Show from the 5th to the 9th of March. The group of businesses, coordinated by ICE – the Italian Trade Promotion Agency – will consist of 148 companies spanning the gamut of small, medium and large enterprises: from small artisan businesses to the larger industrial enterprises. The jewels on show are, in some cases, genuine works of art, produced using the best materials: gold, silver, precious stones and corals. Colourful, brilliant and high class, they will satisfy the taste and style of any woman.

From the stands, the common service centre, through to promotional activities aimed at attracting the attention of foreign dealers and journalists, nothing will be left to chance in the organisation of this exhibition. It represents one of the most important events in the jewellery world and is one that the ICE, the Italian Trade Promotion Agency, has handled with careful attention since 2005, its first year of participation.

The Gala Evening on the 6th of March, at the Sky Lounge in the Central Plaza, will include displays of the most representative pieces, chosen by the Italian businesses themselves, and related to the trends on show at the Vicenza Fair. The ICE, the Italian Trade Promotion Agency, will use this event to promote the Italian jewellery industry’s position as a worldwide trendsetter and centre of excellence.

New business opportunities begin with good commercial relationships – in this case between Italy and Hong Kong. During the first 11 months of 2012, Italy moved into 16th position on the list of Hong Kong suppliers, and is in fourth place, behind the UK, France and Germany for exported goods: equal to about US $6.47 bn. – an increase of 1.72% over the same period in 2011. Among the product categories exported during this period, jewellery has recorded an increase of 3.5%. The internal consumer market is particularly receptive compared to other luxury products, both for individuals and their homes, and this continues to provide significant opportunities for the Made in Italy brand. Neighbouring Chinese consumers also consider Hong Kong a shopper’s paradise: during the January-November period, around 31.5 million Chinese came to Hong Kong for their shopping.

Hong Kong also plays a crucial role as an intermediary and transit market in the region: it is a privileged port for continental China, for other Asian markets, and even for America. The HKInternational Jewellery Show is therefore a shop window for the world market, advertising Italian experience, excellence and production values.

Italian jewellery is represents the pinnacle of art and culture, fashion and society, history and tradition, research and innovation. It expresses unconfined dreams and desires.

Source: www.italtrade.com