Making in Italy – Making in the USA: Craftsmanship, Technology and Design. Innovating with Beauty

To build a bridge between the excellences of the Made in Italy brand – with its extraordinary ability to create beauty – and the technology of Silicon Valley. This is the heart of the project, “Making in Italy – Making in the USA: Craftsmanship, Technology and Design. Innovating with Beauty“, which will be held from June 11 to June 24 in San Francisco in the framework of the Year of Italian Culture in the United States. The initiative was conceived and curated by the Giannino Bassetti Foundation through The New Italian Design exhibition at the Triennale Design Museum of Milan.This project is the result of a collaboration between the Giannino Bassetti Foundation, the Consulate-General of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco: get-togethers, events, and debates between Italian and American craftsmen, makers and intellectuals, cultivators of beauty and experts in the new technologies, joined together to define and create the economy of beauty.

The Twenty-First Century has forced us all to rethink and change our way of producing value. The Giannino Bassetti Foundation, whose mission is to advocate responsible innovation, is promoting a new culture of making, based on the relationship between design and creativity, technology and personality, productivity and responsibility, in a blend of style and technique to reassess the centuries-old skills and traditions of Italy in today’s globalized, technological context. According to Piero Bassetti, chairman of the Foundation, “It is at the intersection of different visions of how to foster innovation and create beauty that evolution is born and the challenges of the productive revolution face off.”

Source: www.globusetlocuseng.org