Maths for innovation: partnership Altran Italia – MoxOff

Altran Italia has signed a partnership with  MoxOff, spin-off by Politecnico di Milano. Another important collaboration for Altran, that exploits the value of networking and collaboration with other excellences, to meet the challenges of the market on the increasingly pervasive topic of integration between mathematical modelling  and reality.

The numerical simulation supports and increasingly often anticipates the analytical knowledge,  allowing us to test, create and innovate with numbers. All this thanks to an almost unlimited computing power and the totally pervasiveness of the digitalization process. Any interaction between people generates a huge amount of data. Trillions of bytes of information about clients, suppliers, processes and operating activities are produced daily. Millions of sensors are embedded in the real world (mobile phones, smart meters, sensors on machines, etc.), forming a huge network that picks up, measure, creates and communicates digital data. Reality and numbers are made indistinguishable, in what can be defined ultimately as a digitalized reality.

The previous picture reinforce confidence of opportunities for development and growth also for Altran, but provide even the need  to seize this opportunity right now.

In this contest comes the partnership with MoxoOf. A collaboration that aims to strengthen the capacity of respond to the needs of companies whose growth is related to the timely ability to execute innovation also through the capacity to model and simulate the reality with sophisticated maths and informatics tools.

MoxOff was born in 2010 joining the knowledge and competences of the modelling and scientific computing Lab, MOX – at Politecnico di Milano, which works with Altran since 2006 and Warrant Group, a leading consultancy firm on business development. MoxOff team consists of qualified researchers, and thanks to collaboration with Politecnico di Milano, has a prestigious scientific network, at front-end of the research. The partnership with Altran will further improve the development and application in the industrial sector of the results of scientific research in academia.

MoxOff applies mathematics, statistics and numerical modeling tools to problems and real needs, creating innovative solutions. The MoxOff  value added is the integrated treatment of i”multi-physics” problems, the specialization on mathematical and numerical methods coupled with the possibility of multi-scale models and the availability of proprietary libraries and algorithms. The core business of Moxoff is the development, engineering and evolutive maintenance of custom tools that respond to the needs of customers, in a multidisciplinary context: from household appliances to power generation, from the analysis of geological processes to optimization of biomedical devices and much more with obvious synergies  with Altran’s  Industries and A Solutions.


Source: www.altran.it