ACS Revolution Leading to the Reliable Energy Supply

A group of young electrical engineers from Serbia developed PCT210 platform for relay protection – a device with the unique design that controls processes of electricity transmission and distribution.

The originality of the PCT210 system lies in a fact that it is a single device performing many functions, unlike solutions from top global competitor companies whose product portfolio contains many different devices for control and protection of medium voltage.  The development of such an advanced product is very complex and demanding process requiring extensive knowledge from disciplines such as electronics, energy, automation, programming and telecommunications. The group of engineers from the company Advanced Control Systems (ACS) had it. The result of their knowledge and hard work is a platform as a basis for a whole range of devices, performing different functions within the power grid.

The problem of relay protection is in focus of many reputable companies such as Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric and SEL. ACS decided to face that problem and the company, which would work on developing the first microprocessor relay protection in Serbia, was established. By forming a group of only five engineers ACS began its project. Today the company has 20 electrical engineers employed and very successful and unique product called PCT210.

The first major success of the PCT210 system was achieved when the product received the EMC certificate from Slovenian Institute for Quality SIQ. However, the real satisfaction came in late 2009, when the product was certified by the Dutch laboratory named KEMA. KEMA is the only accredited institution in the world that can issue the certificate confirming adaptation to the communication standard IEC 61850, and the IEC 61850 communication standard will soon be a must for the relay protection products on the market. The PCT210 is the only product from Serbia and Balkan region that possesses this kind of KEMA certificate! Award won at the Technical Fair in Belgrade is another confirmation of the quality of this novel product.

Microprocessor relay protection

It is impossible to imagine life without the electricity, so it is necessary to provide continuous and effective work of transmission and distribution network. In practice, this is done by the microprocessor relay protection which protects electric power plants and sub-transmission systems from the current and voltage overloads, frequency- and temperature- disturbances. The PCT210 provides this type of protection.  You can image the PCT210 as a computer which controls processes of transmission and distribution of electricity and at the same time takes care and prevents accidents and major damages on trasmission lines and substations.

The entire hardware and software, communication part, as well as product protection algorithms were developed under the roof of ACS. Hardware platform ACS is based on ARM7/9 processors and software is based on open-source tools such as Linux and JAVA. For communication, company had an inventive approach and used completely new EtherCAT technology. Practically being pioneers of using this technology ACS experienced many problems and setbacks during development, but at the end successfully overcame the obstacles. It took two years to develop a functional prototype of microprocessor relay protection, the PCT210 – meaning that the ACS team succeeded to develop and produce one of the very complex products of its kind for the incredibly short time and with very modest budget.

The ACS works on.  Currently the company is developing a new device intended for the global market. It is a small, compact microprocessor protection device for a medium voltage, with a touch screen and voice communications capability. The interest for this device already exists and it is planned that the device goes on sale next year.


Source:  www.inovacionifond.rs