Begin trainings in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in the frame of the competition for the best technological innovation

After the first round of peer review, which lasted two weeks, 90 reviewers rated the 118 applications that were complete. Reviewers have judged that the 94 innovations deserve to continue the competition.

The first group of participants who qualified for the 2nd round of the competition will have first training series 28.05.2013 aimed at training participants NTI2013, while the other groups have training 30.05.2013.

Training should help innovators to understand and define their novelty and innovation to help them find buyers for their innovations. This training aims to enable innovators to realize the difference between own and the buyer’s observation / understanding of innovation, develop new and existing markets for their innovative products / services that know how to reach their customers, find out what they really want in order to gain their confidence in their product, and thus created the right way to market.

This training is designed for all innovators who want to live on their innovations.

Source: www.pks.rs