Competition of innovative projects in Bulgaria

Within the project “NO- BLE Ideas’’ network of young innovators of sustainable ideas in the agro – food sector in Bulgaria has organized the final competition and international meeting for final selection of the best ideas. The participants were all partners in the project, of which 12 are from the region, 11 member states and two IPA partners. From Serbia were two innovation projects. At the festival in Vratca Serbian Chamber of Commerce representing the members of the project team “NO- BLE Ideas” Danica Mićanović, Project Manager, Slobodan Vasilijević, communication manager and Vera Veljanovski, financial manager. Innovative solutions from Serbia presented the Ivan Karaman with innovation ‘’Expert agricultural networks’’ and Marko Kostic the project ’’Tube for feeding flowers’’. This competition was attended by the director of the Center for Technology Transfer of  Belgrade University, Nedeljko Milosavljevic, who was a member of the international jury of Serbia and Associate Regional Chamber of Commerce Kraljevo, Ivana Markovic .

From a total of 170 projects, have been selected the seven best and among them are two projects from Serbia, which clearly shows how much potential for innovation is our country, as well as the need to systematically address this area in order to put that potential to improve the function of technological development of Serbia. Innovators will be able to conclude the agreement with investors and prepare pilot projects for the implementation of innovations. Representatives of Chambers of Commerce from Vratca and Kraljevo discussed the promotion of cross-border co-operation in this field within the NOBLE project and have reached an agreement regarding the signing of an agreement on cooperation in innovation festival in May this year in Novi Sad.


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Apr 23, 2014 in Other news / Serbia
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