Integrated Innovations Support Program Serbia

In the framework of the Integrated Innovations Support Program Project, whose beneficiary is the Ministry of Finance and Economy, the training in the duration of three days was held at May 31, 2013 for the network of representatives of local info-centers for innovations and support to SMEs. On the third day of the training, held in the Hotel Moscow, the role of the Education and Information Centre of the IPO has been presented for the offering of support to the innovative SMEs through various services offered by the EIC, and also the importance of the protection of IP rights for the SMEs was underlined.

Apart from the institutions that offer financial support for innovations, such as SEIPA, USAID, GIZ, in the course of the training, other sources of institutionalized financing, sources of information through various international networks, such as EEN, the system of chambers, NAPP as well as other sources of information that can be of assistance to SMEs have been presented.

Source: www.zis.gov.rs