Started the tenth competition for the best technological innovation

Competition NTI2014 was officially announced on Saturday, May 3 at the show ‘’Žikina šarenica’’, which is broadcast on National television.

The coordinators of the competition, prof. Dragan Povrenović and prof. Dr. Vojin Senk are responding to the moderator’s questions Zika Milenkovic and explain what type of support to innovators provides competition, as well as the way in which innovators can apply. While Danica Mićanović emphasized the role of Chamber of Commerce of Serbia and the importance of innovation to launch economic development . Besides them, earlier participants present contests of competition: Branko Kecman, winner NTI2005, Ivan Gligorijević, winner NTI 2013, Stepan Stepanovic and Stevan Sremac, participants NTI2013 and Živoslav Milovanovic.
Competition organized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia in cooperation with: Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce , the Office for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights and Radio Television of Serbia and the Radio Television of Vojvodina.
The aim of the competition for the best technological innovation NTI2014 is to promote the entrepreneurial climate in Serbia and assistance to potential and existing high – technology entrepreneurs who are willing and able to own ideas and inventions translate into a market valuation of innovation.

Participation in the competition, except for awards  (initial prize fund is 4,000,000 dinars), provides for all competitors technical assistance in the form of education through training and consulting, the free media support, and continuous monitoring and assistance in the years following the completion of participation in the competition.

The competition is held in the territory of the Republic of Serbia and in the Republic of Serbian in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology of Republic of Serbian.

As before, the registration is done in three steps: registration of users, create team (of at least three members) and the Application for innovation. Applications for this year’s competition to be submitted only electronically via the website www.inovacija.org. Incomplete or late applications and applications that are sent by mail or in any other way, and that is not prescribed by the rules, will be considered by the organizers.

The main difference compared to earlier cycles of the introduction of the event meeting with potential investors, for technical and scientific assessment of the applicability of the idea of the economy. Innovations in NTI2014 will compete in the category of implemented innovations, and training will be conducted through a four -day and one-day training.

Sign up to June 10th of 2014, Until 20 pm (Central European Time).


Source: www.pks.rs

May 13, 2014 in Other news / Serbia
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