The Healing Power of Creams from the Serbian Spa

Researchers from the “Dr. Josif Pančić” Institute for Medicinal Plant Research have been awarded numerous times for the development of unique phytopreparations whose essential ingredients are mineral mud and water from the Vrujci Spa, Serbia.Rational phyto-therapeutics and contemporary phyto-cosmetics are based on scientific findings and on efficient and safe application of high-quality medicinal plant remedies. Previous scientific research has shown that medicinal plants and aromatic raw materials contain biologically active complex compounds. These compounds have various pharmacological effects and therapeutic properties which can be successfully utilized as raw materials for production of skin care products.

Researchers from the “Dr Josif Pančić“ Institute have developed a new range of products that have improved the quality of phytopreparation in terms of qualitative and quantitative composition (originality of formula based on the newest scientific findings), technological formulation (combination of  ingredients provides optimal application properties and favorable effects on the skin), and active ingredients (synergism of plant complexes, mineral water and medicinal mud).

The innovative range of phytopreparation is designed and formulated under the project TR 20137: The Modern Concept of Using Natural Healing Factors (mineral water, medicinal mud, and medicinal plants – from the Vrujci Spa). The project coordinator, Dr. Vanja Tadić, explains: “We came to the idea of using natural resources of Vrujci Spa with the current, general trend of “returning to nature” being present in all fields, including in the field of healing treatments, and also due to the fact that products that contain medicinal mud and mineral water have been already successfully offered to the consumers worldwide (e.g. raw materials of the Dead Sea and French spas)”.

Three Unique Creams

The new range of phytopreparation represents an innovation and improvement in broadening the selection of plant based products for self-medication purposes in the phytotherapy. The product range includes three creams that contain medicinal , mineral water from Vrujci Spa, as well as medicinal mud and selected medicinal plants from the region. Creams are intended for the treatmenttreatments of chronic venous insufficiency, rheumatic diseases and contusions, sprains, and dislocations, and skin disease of various etiologies and other.

“These products affirm the natural resources of Vrujci Spa, and provide the basis for placement of products with a “geographical origin”. Also, with the production and market evaluation of the creams, scientific achievements are put in the service of economic development and create conditions for quality improvement of prevention and preservation of health”, adds Dr. Tadić.

The plant based cream products are protected by the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia, while its authors have been awarded for their achievements by numerous international institutions. Most notable awards being: the Gold medal and diploma of the World Organization of Intellectual Property WIPO, 2010, the Gold medal and special award for inventors by organizers at Seoul International Invention Fair, SIIF 2010, the Gold medal and special award at XIV Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation technologies “Archimedes –2011” (5. – 8. April, 2011).

Source:  www.innovationfund.rs


Nov 1, 2012 in Serbia
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