The Innovative Shipbuilding

PhD Endre Romhanji, professor at the Department of Metallurgy at Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy University of Belgrade has together with his associates created an innovative thermo-mechanical process for producing high-strength alloys, based on aluminum and magnesium alloys.

The work of professor Romhanji and his team shows great creativity and progress in the field of the research and applications of modern materials in the industry. The new innovative method for production of alloys based on aluminum and magnesium is improving the properties of these materials which are increasingly being used in the shipbuilding industry.

Aluminum excellent resistance to corrosion, low maintenance costs and significantly lower weight are reasons why the aluminum and its alloys are used in shipbuilding. Compared with the ship’s construction made of carbon steel, alloy based construction can be lighter for more than 50%! This is allowing considerable savings in fuel consumption (it is estimated that a weight loss of 10% reduces fuel consumption for 8%), and is leaving the space for increasing the payload of the ship.

Beneficiary of the project, within which the mentioned research work has been done, is “Valjaonica aluminijuma Sevojno – Impol Seval ‘. This rolling mill exports closely 97% of production to the foreign markets, where a clear need for such advanced and modern materials exists.

“In addition to the placement of the Al-Mg alloys in the international market, our desire is to encourage the development of the domestic market. By using this advanced technology in their future innovative development our factories could significantly improve their competitiveness in the market, and should also influence the further development of the shipbuilding industry in Serbia. ” says Prof. Romhanji.

Positive results of comparative analysis – characteristics of products and production cost, are the reasons why Prof. Romhanji and his team focused their research in the direction of Al-Mg alloys. Production of Al-Mg alloy is 10% more profitable than the production of other Al alloys with similar characteristics. The application of this material in the marine industry would enable the production of new generations of ships, with a much higher speed, higher payload, reduced fuel consumption and cheaper maintenance because of high corrosion resistance and good weldability.

Except in the shipbuilding, aluminum and its alloys are interesting as materials for oil platforms. In addition, Prof. Romhanji is working on optimizing the technology that should enable application of these materials in the field of railway transport too.

The added value of this research is also the fact that aluminum alloy, with the presence of other elements, can be successfully recycled, so their use in the shipbuilding industry is in accordance with the environment protection.


Source: www.inovacionifond.rs