Water Innovation Awards 2012 finalists and winners

The finalists and winners in the Water Innovation Awards 2012 were announced on 9 October at a special gala dinner in Barcelona. The ceremony also included the presentation of the inaugural EFBW Award, which seeks to identify creativity and best practice in ‘Communicating the benefits of bottled water for healthy hydration’ by EFBW National Association […]

Oct 10, 2012 in Other news
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Getting ideas for successful companies – Graz (Austria), September 12, 2012

Innovation is often called a necessity, sometimes seen as an opportunity for SMEs to prevail on the global market. However, innovation is undoubtebly one of the most important resources for companies. It is estimated, that in 10 years time around 80 % of the income of companies will be gained with products that haven’t been […]

TOOLING DAYS – Kapfenberg (Austria), June 13-14, 2012

The eastern upper styria is an important high-tech industrial centre with international reputation. Located key players, such as BOEHLERIT, OERLIKON BALZERS and the BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM Group with their specialized products are world market leaders. Against this background the AREA m styria GmbH, as a regional economic and development agency together with support from the University of […]

May 2, 2012 in National events
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Licensing, Transfer of Ownership and Dispute Resolution – Vienna (Austria), June 1, 2012

Methods of evaluating and valuating IP for the purpose of its commercialization, such as in relation to licensing royalty rates, will be presented. Experienced practitioners will address selected issues of Belgian, English, US and German law relevant for licensing and transfer of ownership of IP generated in international research, and will share best practices and […]

Apr 11, 2012 in National events
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