26th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering 16-20 June 2014, Thessaloniki, Greece

Information Systems Engineering in Times of Crisis  Real-time information systems and overly complex financial products have been blamed as causes of recent financial crises. The IS Engineering community is treating such phenomena as challenges, to be addressed through research and improved practices. In particular, our community has begun to address the role of information systems […]

2013 COINVEST High Tech Investment Conference – Nova Gorica (Slovenia), October 24-25, 2013

The conference is aimed at high tech startups that possess highly innovative technology, operate and target attractive markets and have a scalable business model, know what they are looking for, are ready to move around the world. Who will be there: 16 excellent high tech start ups 25+ investors from Europe and US. More information […]

Conference on Research and Innovation – Milan (Italy), 25 July 2013

The Directorate for Production Activities, Research and Innovation of Lombardy Region organizes and promotes a conference on research and innovation that will take place on July 25 (2:30pm) at Marco Biagi Room of Lombardy Building in Milan (Italy). The event is an important chance of dialogue and discussion with high-level representatives from European, national and […]

PODIM Conference – Maribor (Slovenia), May 15-16, 2013

PODIM – this year in its thirty-third year – is Slovenia’s largest and leading conference on entrepreneurship and innovation. Every year it offers two days of intensive courses where all key stakeholders in Slovenian technology enterprise come together. Through a series of round tables, lectures and workshops held at the conference, well-known Slovenian and foreign […]

Greek Innovation Expo 2013, 16-19 May 2013, Helexpo Palace, Athens, Greece

Greek Innovation Expo 2013, 16-19 May 2013, Helexpo Palace, Athens, Greece The Greek Innovation Expo 2013 will identify, present and provide a showcase of the Greek innovation. Operators, researchers and companies will be gathered to be updated, to exhibit, to communicate, to create and collaborate all together. The exhibition focuses on four main areas: Research, […]

Conference: The Competitiveness of the economy – energy efficiency and advanced technologies – Belgrade (Serbia), 22 February 2013

Central European Development Forum, CEDEF, under the institutional auspices of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Tehnological Development and in cooperation with Serbian Chamber of Commerce and School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade will organize the conference: The competitiveness of the economy – energy efficiency and advanced technologies, on 22th February, 2013, Belgrade. Registration […]

iStreetLight at the “SOLAR MEETS GLASS” International Conference

iStreetLight, one of the Innovation Fund’s Mini Grants awardees participated in the “SOLAR MEETS GLASS – 3rd Industry Summit for Markets, Costs and Technology” conference held in Dusseldorf, Germany on October 22 and -23,  2012. This significant event served as a platform for the discussion of current trends in the solar and glass industry, covering […]

6th Balkan Conference in Informatics – Thessaloniki (Greece), September 19-21, 2013

BCI 2013, September 19-21, 2013 The main objective of the BCI series of conferences is to provide a forum for discussions and dissemination of research accomplishments and to promote interaction and collaboration among scientists from the Balkan countries and the rest of the world, and to encourage involvement of young researchers from the region. The […]

3rd iSEC – International Security Technology Exhibition and Conference – Belgrade (Serbia), November 5-8, 2012

The Mihajlo Pupin Institute presented  the Institute’s projects being implemented under the FP7 program of the European Union at the International Security Technology Exhibition (iSEC) which was held from 5 to 8 November. During the specialized conference program Vuk Mijović, the Institute’s associate, gave a presentation titled “Managing emergencies in large infrastructure facilities – Software […]

Presentation of the project FINNO on a regional conference organised by the Hu ASP (Hungary, 2012.10.29)

The benchmarking conference of the project “Development of the Vertes-Duna Cluster” was one of the most effective events in the field of innovation-oriented network-based economy development in Central-Transdanubian Region in October 2012. The organiser was the Hungarian ASP Partner of the FINNO project and the more than 20 participants had a possibility to get to […]

Women in Innovation Management and International Networking – Belgrade (Serbia), November 2, 2012

The conference will be held on November 2, 2012 at 9.00 in “Aeroklub” restaurant, Uzun Mirkova 4/II. The objective of the conference is to familiarize with innovation support services provided by the EU and Serbian funds and enable enterprises and organisations to apply successfully to these funds, and also to enter national and international innovation […]

Bio4SuD – International Conference on Biofuels for Sustainable Development of Southern Europe – Thessaloniki (Greece), November19-20, 2012

The Bio4SuD conference is organized as part of the BIOFUELS-2G demonstration project funded by the European Union and the LIFE+ Programme. 19-20 November 2012, Thessaloniki, Greece. The conference aims to: highlight promising R&D activities in the fields of biofuels production present demonstration projects of key 2nd and 3rd generation biofuels production technologies promote networking between academic […]

European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, – Bruxelles (Belgium), November 6, 2012

The Conference is an opportunity for stakeholders who are already part of an Action Group to meet with different group members, collaborate and discover common interests. Stakeholders interested and involved in different areas of active and healthy ageing will also take part in the conference and contribute to the discussion on how to get the […]

5th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation – Madrid (Spain), November 19-21, 2012

ICERI2012 will be an International Forum for those who wish to present their projects and innovations, having also the opportunity to discuss the main aspects and the latest results in the field of Education and Research. The general aim of the conference is to promote international collaboration in Education and Research in all educational fields […]

ESTEL Conference 2012 – Rome (Italy), October 2-5, 2012

The President of the Republic’s farewell greeting marked the end of the works at the ESTEL Conference 2012. The first international conference on satellite communications organized in Europe by IEEE-AESS (IEEE is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity; AESS, one of the IEEE societies, provides a global professional home for engineers working […]

Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) – Capua (Italy), October 24, 2012

On October 24th 2012 from 10.30 to 13.30, AERA-Pro and ACARE will present the context and content of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) at the Centro Italiano Ricerche Aereospaziali (CIRA) in Capua, Italy. The SRIA is the new roadmap for aviation research, development and innovation, and outlines the main threads of technical, operational […]

Stress test of innovation policy in Europe – Copenhagen (Denmark), October 23-24, 2012

Europe Innova organises the Europe Innova Conference 2012 under the theme “Stress test of innovation policy in Europe”, which will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 23-24 October 2012. Europe INNOVA 2012 will pursue some of the celebrated success stories in European Innovation: What made the success happen? Was it just good luck – or […]

5th International Scientific Conference on “Energy and Climate Change” – Athens (Greece), October 11-12, 2012

The 5th International Scientific Conference, “Energy and Climate Change” of the PROMITHEASnet will take place at the premises of NK University of Athens on October 11-12, 2012 in Athens, Greece. The Conference is part of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) activities after the inclusion of KEPA and PROMITHEASnet to the relative initiative of U.N. […]

Fibrous Protein Nanocomposites for Tailored Hybrid Biostructures and Devices – Crete (Greece), October 8-12, 2012

This multidisciplinary conference on “Fibrous Protein Nanocomposites for Tailored Hybrid Biostructures and Devices” will address the state of the art in the design, synthesis and characterization of hybrid bio-nano- materials and devices for electronic and nanomedicine applications. The conference will be held in the island of Crete, a renowned destination since the antiquity situated at […]

3rd International Conference on Degrowth Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity – Venice (Italy), 19-23 September, 2012

The general theme of the 2012 Venice Conference on Degrowth: Ecologic Sustainability and Social Justice is “The big transition: Degrowth as a passage of civilization”.We are facing massive problems in our environment and society and we definitely have to change. We want to approach these matters in an holistic way. Therefore, themes might seem quite […]

Getting ideas for successful companies – Graz (Austria), September 12, 2012

Innovation is often called a necessity, sometimes seen as an opportunity for SMEs to prevail on the global market. However, innovation is undoubtebly one of the most important resources for companies. It is estimated, that in 10 years time around 80 % of the income of companies will be gained with products that haven’t been […]

13th International CINet Conference: Continuous Innovation Across Boundaries – Rome (Italy), September 16-18, 2012

LUISS Business School is moving into the innovation field, creating a portfolio of projects aimed at creating a new hub where innovation can thrive in all the activities Luiss Business School is developing. The first step along this path is the hosting of the XXIII CINet Conference “Continuous Innovation Across Boundaries”. About 100 speakers will gather […]

EASTWEST 2012 – CyprusYPRUS, September 1-4, 2012

The East-Meets-West on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Congress and Exhibition will be held on 1 to 4 September 2012 at the University of Cyprus. The event is organized by the European Office of Cyprus to promote and implement new tools of effective collaboration between business and academia. For the first time, distinguished scientists from the Middle […]

The Future built on the Present: SEE Progamme Annual Confernece 2012 – Bologna (Italy), 29.06.2012

The annual conference organized by the South East Europe (SEE) Programme  will take place on 29 June 2012 in Bologna, Italy, Hotel Carlton. Under the title “The Future built on the Present”, the conference aims to be the key territorial cooperation event in 2012 in South Eastern Europe. The SEE Programme has made a long […]

Innovation in the public sector and the development of e-services – Urbino (Italy), April 19-20, 2012

The conference aims at an in depth discussion on the changing role of public sector in innovation, with a specific focus on the development of web-based services. This issue ranks very high in the political agenda of the renewed Lisbon Strategy and opens up novel challenges to scholars and practitioners. Indeed the introduction of digital […]