Italy at Wire China Fair – Shanghai, September 25-28, 2012

The modernization of Chinese infrastructure resulting from the expansion of the civil and residential building programme, together with the search for higher quality, should prove very important for the sector involved in the manufacture and processing of metal wires and cables. These twin factors will lend particular significance to the Wire China Fair , scheduled to take […]

Makers Italy – November 9-11, 2012

Under the motto “Don’t be bored … Do something!”, Makers Italy arrives. The great Italian event dedicated to the “makers”, the creative and digital technology, the “garage innovators “, but also to all lovers of DIY (do-it-yourself) that, with their innovations and their new business models, are giving rise to what many commentators do not […]

Floriade 2012: technologies, production methods and state of the art of the horticultural sector

Floriade 2012, the International Expo that will be taking place in the Dutch city of Venlo from April to October 2012, is an invitation to experience nature not as onlookers but as informed participants. Nature as theatre. Its magic, its beauty. But also its role as the form and substance of our daily life. From […]